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Thread: It's an Ashley?

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    Default It's an Ashley?

    Hello then, I'm an Ashley, somewhere on my profile it says I'm male, but don't take anything from that combination. It's a boy's name too afterall. :P

    I'm an odd ball of of contridictions and cheesyness. Sawaa pointed me to this place, saying that it's occupants won't scare the hell out of me or seem creepy as hell so I hope she's right.

    Well, I have interests in diapers and had for years but it recently grew into curiosity into other baby stuff and I have to say, there's something strangely enjoyable about drinking from a bottle.

    I'm very girly and get mistaken for a girl like 90% of the time or more, but I'm not a sissy or transgendered or anything, I just like that aesthetic from anime about the very pretty boys from anime. Though instead of 'lithe bishounen sex bomb' the best I can accomplish is 'Yaoi fanboy that looks exactly like a flat chested yaoi fangirl'. But hey, that's something, right?

    I -was- a transsexual, and that's how I came to meet Sawaa and even did the whole 'hormones and live full time' for a whopping two years only to go 'Wait... I dun wanna be a girl... I wanna be a pretty boy instead!'. Which, shockingly, just involves no hormones and no padded bra. If you can turn a boy into a girl for two years, turning a boy into a boy that looks like a girl and goes 'Uwah... No, I'm a boy!' all the time is by no means a feat. Plus it was kind of fun to see some of the hard core trannies I knew basicly accuse me of heresy and that I was going to damage the image that transsexuals had by being a very feminine male and confusing peoples views on gender. ...No really, a couple of them said that to me. @[email protected]

    I'm an anime fan and a huge yaoi fan, which means that dispite being gay, my romantic and sexual ideals are so heterosexual looking it's not funny. Yaoi, the straightest gay there is!

    I'm a furry, but not a babyfur. Snow Leopard if you must ask. I tend to keep my anime and my furry life seperate, if only because the furry fandom in my city is so dramatic and pathetic I just can't help but go 'Uh? No, I don't know those people wearing the tales on the bus.'

    I'm also somewhat recently become an arcade fan and collecting ports of arcade games, particularly light guns, because I had the realizing that I no longer was that kid in the arcade with no quarters and playing with the toy guns, hitting the buttons on the pinball machines and turning the wheel on the Daytona USB cab and I could actually start playing these games and no body could stop me.

    So then... Graphical self photo time? (My pajamas now are blue, I sware to god.) (Aww look, he's pretending he's emo, but he's not wearing enough black to pull it off.) ("Hey Sha, can you do my hair for me? I want it braided." "...Sure!" "Oww... What are you doing!? You're NOT braiding it at all!" "Girly boys that complain get hit with a hairbrush." "OWW!")

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    Ashes! *Squeezes* My favorite bundle of prettiness actually made it here XD
    Welcome to our ever-lasting-slumber-party on weirdos, oddballs and Kraiden.
    Watch out for Kraiden, he may try and set you up with Humphrey >_>

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    Welcome To this Site. I'm very sure that you'll like it here. LOL!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy this site!!!

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    Wow... great intro.... even though you totally lost me at "turning a boy into a boy that looks like a girl" ...but that's probably because I've not long woken up =]

    Well honestly I'd say have an awesome time on the forums, but it looks like you might be already =P

    So I guess all I have left to say is welcome!

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    I don't see what's so impressive about it. I just figured I should stay stuff about me, it is an introduction afterall.

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    "hey its me , just dropping a line"

    If you havn't realized already that is most of the introductions we get haha. So you introduction was like superior as you can see now.

    Anyways your intro was super interesting, I have never ever heard of a trans going that far and coming back. When I looked at your pictures I almost fell over because your were right! You like ALOT like a girl! But your still a guy!? If I seen you in public and met you and your told me your name was ashley, I would defiantly assume you were a girl, specially if you were wearing girl clothes like in a couple of those pics. But I did know Ashley was a male name! haha.

    So welcome to our community! I hope that you enjoy it here!

    Please feel free to post when you would like, and to ask qeustions, advice or support you might need.

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    Well, I do still wear some girls clothes. Like certian t-shirts, shorts and girls jeans. But no shorts and dresses for me! I just think the look good on me, like how girls can look good in guys cargo pants and such. Same deal, it's just not often reversed cause... Well, cause guys tend to heavily discourage anything unmasculine in other guys. XD

    That and I'm a yaoi fan, so I have a taste in media where male/male couples look like this: And that probably influences my choice in apperance!

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    Well... welcome to the group. I certainly hope that we don't scare the hell out of you here.

    I looked at your pics... and you do make a very cute girl... especially with the pink PJ's. I am somewhat weirded out by the fact that I found that picture somewhat attractive. :eek7: Which I think raises more questions than I am comfortable dealing with currently. As I consider myself bonafied 100% diapergirl lovin straight... and have the girl too...

    Aaaaaanyways... c'ya around.

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