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Thread: wore for first time in public :)

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    Talking wore for first time in public :)

    It was no big deal really but it still felt awsome. I wore to krogers to pick some stuff up for my history project.

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    it was a lot easier than i expected, i didn't even hear the diaper when i was walking around. I wore tight boxer breifs over top of bball shorts

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    Oh, wow... people be makin it sound like it's so hard to do at times.

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    yea, idk why, for me it was really easy. I guess the hardest part is just working up the nerve to do it. Maybe it was easy becuz it was just the grocery store, and i can drive there since i have my license. What wud be hard is wearing to school or somewhere where there;s a lot of people u'd kno

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    Ima risk taker, sooooooooo ... hey, I might try it to school senior year. I'm already popular at school but if I get caught I cud just say it was a senior prank. hahaaa.

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    Haha, yea u cud always just say it was a prank or something! most of the people i know wud prob expect that of me anyways. I'd defintly be worried about figuring out a way to change tho.

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    Hmmm... well I'm not worried, my Girlfriend already knows about this part of me, and same as you, everyone thinks I'm the wild guy that never backs down from dares an pranks an crap. lol.

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    Ah, its good to hear that you have a girlfriend who knows about the diaper thing. I havn't been able to tell anyone i know that i like diapers, that i havn't worked up the nerve to do

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    Yeah, I told her cuz she needed to know ME not just one side. it wasn't easy but I'm glad I did. she accepts me loves me the same and doesn't hold it against me or anything. I'm lucky I got her, and even if we're young I don't care if we split up as long as we stay best friends.

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