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Thread: WOW-US PTR Adisc Raid

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    Default WOW-US PTR Adisc Raid

    There are many people on ADISC who play WOW, yet because of servers, we have not been able to play with each other.

    However, the PTR should be coming up soon (date is still unconfirmed), and with this, we can all copy characters to the same server. I was thinking of hosting an ADISC raid or two, we would likely be doing 10 man ICC (as far as we can get, we will likely have varying skill levels).

    If you are interested in this, please post in this thread with every 80 class/role you are comfortable playing in a raid environment (list your best at the top.

    Also, you must be eligible to play on the US PTR (sorry euros), so you must have been playing for a certain amount of time (you can check it on the ptr site). I would also ask that you have experience with the first 4-6 bosses, and at least youtube the next few fights. The date is not confirmed yet.

    This could be extremely fun if we can pull it off, I'll post with more info when I can.

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    This sounds really good and interesting, which makes me sad as I am on the EU realms

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    I'm pretty sure PTR ended a while ago.
    It did =/

    I'm definitely going to schedule something though. Maybe some level 60 death knight hell or something.

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    Aww. I'm totally up for it the next time a PTR goes up.
    5500 gearscore rogue.

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    MMO-Champion BlueTracker | PTR:Operation Gnomeregan and Zalazane's Fall


    Copy a premade to the Anasterian PVE horde and alliance side. (From what I've seen, the majority of ADISC-ers are horde, but I'd like to get both for this.)

    We'll try to get together on friday night. Depending on the circumstances we may be able to throw in a raid.

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