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Thread: EuronForm super plus Review

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    Default EuronForm super plus Review

    This week I has been mostly wearing NAPPIES! (name the show that's from and you'll win a cookie )

    Yes, its time for another review, something I've been meaning to do for a while, just haven't had the will. Today I will be showing off the euronforms super plus, a nappy that I think is only available in Europe (and also one of Peachy's faves :P).

    As you can see, they come in packs of 28 which makes for a longer pack then usual. They cost 18.75 (exc VAT) from Countrywide Healthcare Supplies who aren't the most discreet company in the world... (more on this later).


    The fit of these are pretty standard, the tapes are in a similar position to the abena x-plus, and easy enough to get a nice snug fit. The tapes them selves are of the same dual type you see on a lot of adult nappies, and stick very very well. They also don't suffer from stretching too much, so stay tight and snug for longer, which is always a good thing. As you can see they also have a very stretchy waist band on the rear only, would be better front and back, but its better then nothing.


    These are pretty damn good on the absorbency front, they're thinner then most of the top brands but like cuddlz/bambino they come with TONS of SAP. They swell up really well and can handle lots. The only issue with lots of SAP is that they don't wick very well, and can't handle floods. And they are thinner then cuddlz, meaning not quite as absorbent. Another issue is the actual padding, they seem to have scrimped a bit on how far it extends into the wings, especially in the rear, meaning a distinct lack of side absorbency, and making full on floods leak even easier.


    This is one of the failings of this nappy. They're a lovely sickly medical Green colour. Not the most babyish in looks. There's the standard two line wetness indicator and some blue writing as well. One good thing is the crinklyness. They're the loudest I've worn yet, nothing comes close to how loud these crinkle, yet the plastic is still comfy and soft. Whether the loudness is a good or bad thing is up to you, but personally I love the crinkles . Also when wet, the swelling up makes them look better and they feel great .


    I'm a fan of these, for the price they are a very good nappy, and great for everyday wear (apart from crinkles :P). The way they swell up when wet is fun. If only they came in white... lower absorbencies do come in a nice blue, I just wish that was an option for these ones. But again, at that price they're great.
    The only major problem I had was with the delivery from country wide healthcare. The box wasn't taped down very well at all, and one of the flaps was actually folded into the box, letting the delivery driver see what's there. Ok for me living by my self, but for others who might not be able to get the package them selves, beware. The actual package of nappies was also damaged a little, which was very annoying.

    So there you go, again feel free to discuss, ask me questions and generally give feed back .
    I've got another couple of brands to review in the next week or so, Attends, and contifit. So keep an eye out


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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    This week I has been mostly wearing NAPPIES! (name the show that's from and you'll win a cookie )
    The Fast Show

    Good review as always.

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    they look pretty good actually, I wish I could order fancy online diapers...

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    I absolutely loooooooooooooove Eurons. My favorite diaper, except that I wear mediums, and they're blue. I've tried the large size, but the tapes overlap.

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    Nice review Loopy. They look good, but I doubt they're available in the States Anyhow I agree, I like my diapers to look like diapers, white with no wettness indicator whenever possible. I'll stick with Bambinos, Abena's and Secure X-Plus for now. Attends Extended wear was my "cloth like" fall back, but they make those in a peach color now so I'm kind of put off on them


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    Thanks for the nice review. Does anybody have a picture of a medium? I know Peachy mentioned they are blue. Maybe someday...
    Dang my country and its inability to produce adequate diapers

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    Just so happens I'd ordered medium the other day!! This is only the Extra-Plus, so one rating down from Loopy's original review.

    Personally I really like the blue colour

    It's also worth noting that the X-Small and X-Large have been changed to a cloth backing, and judging from the news release that was posted on Euron's website the others will follow at some point.
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    Damn it! you gotta be kidding me :/ awesome nappy, then goes cloth backed what about the crinklyness! THINK ABOUT THE CRINKLES!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleDan View Post
    It's also worth noting that the X-Small and X-Large have been changed to a cloth backing, and judging from the news release that was posted on Euron's website the others will follow at some point. News
    To be honest...someone who has some sort of business relations with the manufacturer told me back in 2007 that they'd switch to cloth, but apparently, that idea was scrapped. So I'm sceptical about that press release!


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    I have tried the Extra-Plus variety that LittleDan has purchased myself before, and I cannot recommend them; the absorbency just wasn't there, even considering the relatively low per unit price. If I get an opportunity to try the variant that Loopy purchased I may do so (although not the Large size, lol).

    One point of clarification though; is Euron Form one of these odd brands that colours their product by size rather than absorbency?


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