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    Talking Pleased to meet you!


    I'm John, from Spain.
    Perphas there ins't more people from Spain . Well, on the other hand it's a good place to meet people and know diferents persons and lifes styles.

    I'm a 35 DL boy, and, my prefery diapers are Tena and Attends, but in Spain, only you can buy by Internet (I mean the Attends).

    I'm a single boy who works teaching mechanical.

    In Spain, this paraphilia isn't very common. Yes, there're yong people that talks and wear diapers, but, it isn't so widespread.

    So, that's all for this moment.

    See you!!

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    Ok, now tell us what you like outside of diapers!

    Do you have any hobbies? What's your favourite film or book?

    Tell us more!!

    Welcome to Adisc!

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    Welcome to ADISC, hope you enjoy your time on here.
    There is at least one other member on here from Spain, but I forget his name. Wish I could help you out a bit more with that. Just go to the top and do a search for it, either in posts or in the members list, it's sure to come up. Have fun on here.

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    which area of spain im wondering, closer to gibralter? or the french border, or the portuguese border or the nortern mountainous areas of the country? or closer to the meditteranian sea? or are you right in the middle?

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