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    OK so I was wondering what is your favourite band and why you like them.
    Ill go first since I started this post.

    Within Temptation is a Dutch metal/rock band that was formed by Sharon den Adel (favourite singer) and Robert Westerholt back in 1996, sadly however I only started listening to them earlier this year.
    Their type of music is classed as symphonic rock and even tho some people tend to class them as a ďGothĒ band I myself donít.

    Why I Like Their Music?
    There are two main reasons why I like Within Temptation,
    Number 1. Sharon den Adel has an absolutely amazing voice and no matter how many times I listen to her I just canít get enough.
    Number2. The lyrics of their songs, I always am able to relate to their songs in one way or another.

    Within Temptation has released a total of 6 albums so far , four of those being studio albums and two being live albums.

    Their two live albums are titled, Black Symphony (2008) and An Acoustic Night at the Theatre (2009). I canít comment on these two albums mostly because I havenít had the chance to listen to them yet.

    The four studio albums are as follows,
    Enter [1997] (I havenít listened to this album simply because I canít find it in the shops)

    Mother Earth [2000] Ė This album has a more of a medieval theme to the music and lyrics. Mother Earth was only released in Europe. Recommended songs to listen to are Mother Earth, Dark Wings and A Never Ending Story

    The Silent Force [2004] Ė More of a general rock/metal theme to this one and is my personal favourite. Worldwide release and sadly did not enter the Australian music charts. Recommended songs Angels, Memories, Destroyed (demo version) and Julian ( Iíd give my heart)

    The Heart of Everything [2007] - Standard rock/metal theme but still has a bit of a medieval theme to the lyrics. Worldwide release and entered the Australian album charts at number 88. Recommended songs All I need, Forgiven and The cross.

    It has also been reported that another album will be released this year as well.

    Also just a little bit of FYI.. In 2008 Sharon Den Adel also featured alongside Armin van Buuren in the song In and Out of Love this was a dance song (which also had a techno remix that I quite enjoy as well) points out that she is easily adaptable with her singing abilities.

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    Coheed and Cambria is an American progressive rock band formed in 1995, by the lead singer Claudio Sanchez. They've started to shy away from their progressive side and delve a bit more into metal, but it's still there.

    Why I like their music? Because all five of their albums actually tell a science-fiction epic that the singer wrote. Their fifth album was released with a 350-page book, and the comic serialization for the first album just finished! He's working on the second album's comic now. And they also melt face.

    Albums (chronological):

    -The Second Stage Turbine Blade - Their earlier works don't really resemble their current stuff at all, and I can't decide which I like better. This album is pure genius.

    -In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 - With songs like The Crowing, their progressive element is very obvious here. Not a bad song on the album. I especially like the Camper Velourium trilogy. Features the hit A Favor House Atlantic.

    -Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness - Probably my favorite album, not just by them but in general. It takes awhile to grow on you, but... just, wow. It's got a cynical, armageddon-is-coming-y feel to it that I can't quite place. A lot of good pieces on here. Recommended songs are... pretty much everything.

    -Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 2: No World For Tomorrow - This is where they start to deviate, going from progressive to a more metal spin. While this is my least favorite album, it's still worth giving a listen to. Mother Superior is a great song.

    -Year of the Black Rainbow - Just released last month. This is the "prequel" to the story, while The Second Stage Turbine Blade is actually part 2. I haven't given this album enough listen to pass judgment on it, but what I have heard impresses me.


    I'm counting Coheed as -just- Coheed, not Shabutie, who they used to be. I'm also not listing their live albums and EPs, which would take far too long of my time. I'll actually do it later though. XD
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    Clutch would be my favorite

    As to why: I find their versatility amazing, the vocals are different than any other I have ever heard(Just Fallon's voice isn't typical for groups)

    Studio Albums:

    Transnational Speedway League('93) - One of their more sludgy albums, great listen if you like slower metal variants
    Clutch('95) - An interesting blend of slower metal and like...synth?
    The Elephant Riders('98) - Their Magnum Opus, just the right balance of metalesque and good rock
    Jam Room('99) - One of their more random albums, bits and piece of everything in there
    Pure Rock Fury('01) - As the title may imply, a lot heavier on this album
    Blast Tyrant('04) - Heavy on this album as well, but more of that weird kinda music they're getting known for
    Robot Hive/Exodus('05) - Weird Music All Around...great album though!
    From Beale Street to Oblivion('07) - A very interesting jazzish album...Contains the song "Electric Worry" used to advertise L4D2 if I'm not mistaken
    Strange Cousins From The West('09) - Their latest album, moving towards a faster, but still jazzy style


    Pitchfork('91) - The one that started it all, unrefined rock is what you'll find here
    Passive Restraint('92) - Another one of those unrefined, but well done EPs
    Impetus('97) - A more refined, but lighter EP of theirs


    Slow Hole to China: Rare and Unreleased('03) - Rough Cuts
    Pitchfork and Lost Needles('05) - A Re-release of Pitchfork, with a few extra songs on there(Including a Cover of Pink Floyd's "Money")
    Slow Hole to China: Rare and Re-released - Remastered with 3 New Tracks

    Live Albums:

    Live at the Googolplex('02)
    Live In Flint, Michigan('04)
    Heard It All Before - Live and the HiFi Bar('07)
    Live At The Corner Hotel('08)
    Full Fathom Five('08)

    Proud to say I own hard copies of all but 2 of the Live Albums!(As they are only available at shows normally)

    Seen them Live 5 Times now(Once at the first Sounds of the Underground tour in Atlanta! - That Concert was insanity, Clutch, High on Fire, Mastodon, Lamb of God, Gwar, As I Lay Dying, and a fluff-load of others I can't even recall)

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    Jeez, I couldn't just pick one. That's like picking a favorite food: it's easy for some, but difficult for others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira View Post
    Coheed and Cambria is an American progressive rock band formed in 1995
    I over looked these guys a while back and listening to them now, i was very very wrong!

    As for my Fav (if i have to pick one) is the mightiest of the mighty,
    (Maynard, Adam, Justin and Danny)


    I shouldn't even need to write anything past those four letters... The absolute gods of prog metal have blessed our ears since the late 80's and have just, in the true sense of the genre, progressed to a point of untouchable-ness (technical term). They stand alone atop they're own mighty genre tower as a sort of deity for future generations to aspire to... Proof that a lifetime of LSD and cones can really count to something...

    From the days of opiate (92) and undertow (93), through Aenima (96) and Lateralus (01) to the mind blowing 10,000 days (06)

    I won't go into more depth as i'm sure everyone knows the storys and tid-bits, i believe every metal fan has they're own special place within for tool... All i can say is Danny, from one drummer to another, in complete awe, I would gladly have your children :-p
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    Rise Against.

    It's not too strong, not too soft. It's got a great balance of sounds.

    The lyrics for most, if not all, of their songs is some of the best I've heard.

    The rhythm goes in well, hand-in-hand with the lyrics.

    All-in-all, there's no other place for 'favorite' other than Rise Against, in my heart.

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    I really like Barenaked Ladies, because their stuff is silly and fun. Whenever I listen to one of their songs it just makes me feel happy. That's about all the justification I have :P

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    Tally Hall

    They generally go under alternative music, but really most of their only (currently) published album is a slurry of most genres. Each of their songs are beautifully mastered in just the right way. And from what I've Youtubed of there live performances, their next album (coming out hopefully sometime this summer) is going to be even more amazing, it's practically impossible to explain just how artistic and mindblowing their songs are.

    Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (2005, Republished 2008)
    Good & Evil *(2010)

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    Modest Mouse

    they're so original. I can only think of maybe two other bands that sound anything like them. Lyrical or musical.

    Their lyrics are just genius.

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    I have 2 favorite bands right now: the beatles and blink 182

    I love the beatles becuz they pretty much invented rock music; just listen to a few of their albums and you'll see why describing them is beyond words.
    Best beatles albums: revolver, rubber soul, sgt peppers lonley hearts club band, the white album, help!, let it be, abbey road, beatles for sale, and any other compilations of beatles music are just as good

    I also love blink 182 becuz their music is lighthearted, fun and funny, and because i can relate to a lot of their music; best albums are dude ranch and enema of the state (and listen to m&m's, great song)

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