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    Default Hello. <:3

    New here yah. ^^; Just thought I'd make an account just for interest. :>

    I'm a babyfur mainly, but I don't base my whole life off of it, it's just fun for me. X3 I've always liked being babyish since I could remember but it's col to see communities of you all. :P I'm also an artist! Plus, other than cubbing out, I usually play video games, go hiking, and blah. XD

    Hope to have fun here yah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takashi View Post

    Got anyother hobbies/interests for us?
    Thanks. :>

    Well, my main hobby is drawing... I actually have a furaffinity where I post art; mainly my babyfur stuff though. XP I do happen to do fantasy art and I'm working on my own comic concepts.

    Other than that, I really do enjoy cubbing out. :3 I'm actually doing that right now as I type this. XD

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