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Thread: A good course of action for a DL

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    Here I'm posting a copy of the blurb about me that I listed on my Profile page. It reads like this:

    I'm an infantilist who feels that he has succeeded in gaining a certain type of mastery over his infantilist tendencies. I'm now 53 years old, and am the owner of the Infantalist Support Network [link removed - please don't advertise your own site in your introduction]. This is a both a new and an old site, as I have owned it off and on for the last 15 years. I once again own it now. There I plan on posting my own story over the next month or so. I'm now happily married and my wife is aware of my tendencies. I do not let my DL tendencies get in the way of our marriage or of my adult life in the 'real' world. I first became aware of my DL tendencies when I was 13, and have been acting on them from time to time for the last 40 years now. In the last several years, these tendencies have become a relatively insignificant part of my life, just like a scar that has healed might be. They will always be there, just as a scar might be, but as the scar has healed, it no longer causes concern, discomfort or pain.

    At the infantilist support site I will try to tell how I got from A to B in one piece. That is how I got from having this strange subconscious desire that seemed to almost verge on self-destructiveness, and that would surface into my conscious mind to wreak havoc in various aspects of my adult life, to where I am today, where the subconscious desire is nearly non-existent, and it no longer interferes with my day to day adult life in any significant way. These days I think I can understand what the desires are all about, why they are in my life, where they came from, and what to do with them when and if they do resurface, so that instead of causing distress in my overall life as they once did, they now merely point the way towards renewal and healing.

    I hope that some here might be able to benefit from this new/ old free website that I am about to relaunch.
    (end of my profile blurb)

    If there might be anyone here who might have an interest in what I'm calling a sort of a 'cure' (if there is any such thing) for infantilism, your input here on this thread would be most welcome.

    By the way, I think I might know who owns this site, perhaps Bittergrey, no? Who ever you are, you deserve a whole lot of credit for creating it. It looks to me to be quite good and helpful. Thanks!!
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    After trawling around for a bit, I can see that this site is a collaborative effort, and not just a one man operation. This is even better than a one person operation! Wow!! You guys are great, all of you!!!

    When you finally find out how to 'just be yourself', please let me know. IMHO, we're all here on this sucky little planet for exactly that reason, just to find out who we ourselves really are, and to just be ourselves.

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    You sound like you are talking to yourself... Kind of freaking me out...

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    Arrow Sorry

    Well, if you are an infantilist, I think you might know what I mean about being on a sort of adventure of self exploration. I think we are all on that adventure. Whether in High School or in a retirement home. Actually, I think that infantilists are probably amongst the more adventurous types. We have taken some steps into this adventure that many others might never take. Sorry if it might seem like I'm talking to myself.

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    What exactly are you talking about? You're acting all philosophical and stuff...for no reason...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    What exactly are you talking about? You're acting all philosophical and stuff...for no reason...
    He's probably just trying to advertise his site.

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    and it just links to a GoDaddy thing... there is no site to it. I fell like I've wasted moments of my life. Moments of which I will never get back.

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    You're absolutely right on all accounts. The site will be up within a month. Sorry for taking your time.

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