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Thread: new mountain dew

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    Default new mountain dew

    What do you guys think of the 3 new mountain dew flavors? My personal fav is the hawaiian, orange looking one!

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    Def the red one. Blue is terrible, green is okay.

    Also miss throwback. Really enjoying Dr. Pepper Heritage right now.

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    I like white out at this point. It seems to be the most popular so far. Mostly becuse i can't find it where i live.

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    I didn't care for the throwback. It almost tasted like whatever flavor profile they use for diet Mountain Dew. I do love traveling outside of the US, so that I can have Coke with real cane sugar instead of Corn Syrup.

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    I'm from Aus and we only have one type of mountain dew and it doesn't taste very nice

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    I didn't try the mt.dew throwback but I tried the Pepsi one and I could taste a subtle difference.

    Anyways I need to get my hands on these new ones.

    Also I want my freaking Surge (soft drink) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia back!

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    Well guys, as good as Throwback is/was, I think this thread is really about the new three flavors that are in the running to become the next new flavor.

    The options:
    -Typhoon (pinkish-peach colored, tropical flavored)
    -White Out (flavored like Squirt, white in color) and
    -Distortion (looks almost identical to original Dew, just has more lime flavoring)

    I feel as though Distortion is the least distinct, and probably the least likely to win. It's really between White Out and Typhoon, in my mind. I would have to go with Typhoon though, because White Out is... well... already covered by Sierra Mist/Squirt/Sprite/etc. Typhoon is the most unique, I feel, and is the only one I've purchased more than once. Perhaps a poll should be added here.

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    I stopped buying the new Mountain Dews, because if it's good, I'm always pissed when they stop making it =/

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    I've only been able to get hold of the white one. I would like to try the other two, but have not been able to find them.

    Last year I was saw because I loved super nova, but it didn't win. I like voltage, but liked super nova so much better.

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