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Thread: Tena Super Stretch vs. Abena Extra

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    Butterfly Mage

    Default Tena Super Stretch vs. Abena Extra

    So, I'm thinking about trying out some Tena Super Stretch diapers. The single-tab design looks pretty cool, and they might retain less heat. Any thoughts?

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    I had a couple samples of these I ordered from the company. I liked them, the one big tab thing was kinda cool. They did take some readjusting to get a good fit on me, but I think that may have been because they were a little big on me. They are green and cloth backed; this does not bother me personally. They absorb fairly well, and breathe fairly well.
    In the future I will probably purchase a pack to have around.

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    They are excellent! Firstly, they are cloth-backed, not plastic backed (not my favorite, but still…), and the tabs are very secure. They also have a very high SAP to wood pulp ratio, so all urine is converted to gel very fast. There is a thread on these diapers already that pretty much says everything else.
    (sorry, not sure how to link another thread exactly…)

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    I didn't care for them. No leak guards, and I never could get the straps right where I wanted them. YMMV

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