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Thread: What color is the sky?

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    Default What color is the sky?

    Acoording to this article for the first 2 billion year the sky was Orange.

    No, Seriously, Why is the Sky Blue? : Discovery News

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    interesting, I use to think the sky was blue because of the reflection of the oceans? lol im sure that is completly wrong but very interesting fact

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    Question As I roughly recall from long ago....

    I pounder that...
    Was it something to do with the way the light interacts with the upper atmosphere? Is it about the way the photons of light transverses the air and one part of the electromagnetic waves which we call “visible light” is reflected more than the other wave lengths? That particular wave length of visible light, is what we call the colour “BLUE” thence that is the apparent blue of the sky we normally see, except at sunrises and sunsets, where red is seen because the light is cutting though a thicker cross section of atmosphere.
    At least that is my rough, simple, approximate, recall, of an explanation I heard a long time ago.

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    Every single object has a certain wavelength, that when the rays of the sun hit them, reflect these, splits them, and projects the one in accordance to it's wavelength, son when the light hits the atmosphere, it only reflects blue, red, orange, etc. depending on how they hit the atmosphere, but let the other rays in the color spectrum go by.

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    I know that the ancient Romans used to say the sky was bronze because they had no word for blue but I had no idea that the sky actually used to be orange. Science is amazing isn't it.

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    Wow, I always thought it was simple as light reflecting off the water, but that never sat with me.
    Still waiting for the sky to turn an awesome, ravey neon green. A glow-in-the-dark sky would be amazing.

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    The sky is blue (most of the time, or, if you live in the UK, about 1 day of the year) because of something known as Raleigh scattering. I'm not an expert on Raleigh scattering, I just know it exists, hence the link for further information. Incidentally, this is also why the sky is red at sunset.

    I guess the sky would have been a different colour in the past due to a different composition of gases in the atmosphere.

    Toddy: Interestingly, water is actually slightly blue.

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    the sky is blue with scattered white fluffy clouds today, its beautifuk out. I'm not sure why im inside on my computer now :\

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    If I remember my 8th grade science class..... The earth used to be really fucking hot.... For the first few million/billion years, the oceans were actually boiling, and there was lots of lava, and chemical reactions occurring, causing things to be made.

    Actually, I know that happened, but I don't know how long it lasted, or if it was actually on Earth (pretty sure it was) But the sky was red then....

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    You do know why the sky is blue and white don't you, it's because God is a Penn State Fan.

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