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Thread: Grindcore/Death/Heavy Metal

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    Default Grindcore/Death/Heavy Metal

    So d00dz and d00d3tt3z,

    Lemme hear some word on some metal! I just found a kickass band and would love to share

    Lust of Decay
    YouTube - Lust Of Decay - Purity Through Dismemberment

    Now ADISC, hook me up with some more names in the metal industry. ;D

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    YouTube - Drudkh- Summoning the Rain / Glare of Autumn

    Drudkh - Summoning the Rain

    They are black metal but as someone who doesn't like black metal I really enjoy them so maybe you will too.

    YouTube - Kronos - Colossal Titan Strife

    Kronos - Colossal Titan Strife

    Good death metal

    YouTube - Land Where Sympathy Is Air -Lykathea Aflame

    Lykathea Aflame - Land Where Sympathy is Air

    Death metal with some folk influence

    I haven't listened to metal much lately but those were some of the less "mainstream" death metal bands I had.

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    seen nile live twice along with chthonic and daath.

    for grindcore go the berzerker. gorerotted. waking the cadaver. death squad. circle of dead children. dying fetus. terrorizer. torture killer. cattle decapitation. general surgery. impaled. suffocation. the red chord.

    for black metal go dimmu borgir. bal-sagoth. behemoth(who r amazing). cthonic. enthroned. finntroll in their newer albums but still an amazing folk metal band. mayhem. marduk (rom 5:12) so good of an album

    folk and viking metal: finntroll, turisas(one of the most amazing bands ive ever heard), moonsorrow, ensiferum, summoning.

    thats all i feel like listing lol have over a hundred more

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    If you are easily offended that someone doesn't agree with you then don't watch this (WAAAAAAA):

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    Well, Point... It's not for everyone. But then again, neither is Brittany Spears. Unless you're talking about sex.

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    Don't listen to a whole ton of death metal, and I kinda stopped digging grind cause I'm into longer songs and stuff, but these are some pretyy sweet bands.

    YouTube - The Divine Suicide of K. - Protest the Hero

    Gnarly song by a terrific band. These guys have the sweetest bridge sections / outros I've ever heard. Hard for a technical mathmetal type group to be catchy without sounding stupid, but I dig this.

    YouTube - The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Grandfather

    Proggy sorta jazzy grind stuff. These guys just broke up, but they have some cool stuff. Dig the vocals, though most people hate them.

    YouTube - Harbinger-The human abstract

    Not really heavy, but very intense. Lots of emotion in the lyrics behind some technical stuff.


    One of my favourite screams in music. Dudes have some seriously heavy stuff.

    YouTube - Informal Gluttony-Between the Buried and Me

    Great song from a great album. Dudes are like if Dream Theater and Pink Floyd hooked up to rock some death metal. Very intense stuff, and it goes all over the place. This actually one of their more grounded tunes.

    YouTube - Mastodon (The Wolf Is Loose)

    Mastodon is incredible. More different stuff now than their older heavier material, but still sweet. Could only find a live version of this, and the quality isn't great, but whatever.

    YouTube - High on Fire - Return to NOD

    Dude sings like Lemmy with a throat problem. Just go into these guys. Doom metal with some gnarly instrumental work.

    YouTube - NEUROSIS - "Locust Star"

    Kinda more ambient, but they got some heavy tunes too. Very cool band indeed.

    YouTube - Demon Hunter-Storm the Gates of Hell (with lyrics)

    Absolutely insane vocalist. They just realeased a new album with some new guitar players and their sound has changed a bit, but they're still solid. Crazy vocals, intense drumming and vicious riffs. Good combo.

    Quote Originally Posted by thesoupnaz1 View Post

    folk and viking metal: finntroll, turisas(one of the most amazing bands ive ever heard), moonsorrow, ensiferum, summoning.

    Can't even say Viking Metal wihtout mentioning Amon Amarth dude. Twilight of the Thunder God was one of the better metal albums to come out in the past few years.

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    If you are easily offended that someone doesn't agree with you then don't watch this (WAAAAAAA):
    lulz. Dude, I don't care. xD You don't like it; however, I do. That's all that matters. ;D

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    Mehh. Never got into them.

    But I do love the show. ;D Dr. Rockso is awesome! XD

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