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Thread: Silliest thing you've been banned/reported for on a game or social network

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    Default Silliest thing you've been banned/reported for on a game or social network

    Ok basically, what is the strangest reason you've been banned/reported from a game(WoW, xBox live, Guild Wars, etc) or social network(Myspace, FaceBook, Second Life, etc).

    This thread spurred from me getting reported in WoW while doing my daily quests on the Sunwell island, a guy was standing on the npcs not letting anyone talk to them to get their quests, I called him a douchebag.

    About an hour later a <GM> sent me a private message, saying I had been reported, I guess the <GM> told the guy that his message went through because shortly after the <GM> contacted me, the guy blocking the NPCs sent me a whisper saying that I hope i enjoy my ban, and continued gloating about it and cursing me out and insulting me.

    So my e-mail pops up, it's an e-mail from Blizzard, apparently I was only given a warning, here is where my story comes of relevance, under the reason why I was reported, it stated: "Improper use of a bodily function as used in the phrase 'get off the NPC douchebag'"

    Dunno, I guess it was offensive, but the reason was just so obscure that it made me laugh......oh and I reported the guy that reported me for cursing at me and gloating about reporting me, sweet revenge

    So let's here some of your stories!

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    i was banned from FFXI for using my coordinate changer to jump...

    it was the second time i was caught doing it... and it was dumb since i was just jumping, instead of claiming uber mobs with it.

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    I've been perm banned from countless forums, but those were deserved bannings...

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    i got banned on ut2k3 for whining about assumed hackers/cheaters. i deserved it :P

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    I was banned from some website that counts the amount of keys you press on your keyboard... just cuz I had 'I'm a type-o-matic' in my profile space...

    they send me a mail...

    now you're a banned-o-matic, enjoy

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    I've been banned from all of the Diablo computer games.. but I probably deserved that one.. I abused the system a little bit..

    Got banned from Neverwinter Nights before I even got started.. I have no idea why..

    I got banned from Halo.. They accused me of cheating when I wasn't!

    I've been banned from a few forums.. mainly for letting a few swear words slip out. (not all forums take kindly to the word "ass". I know, right? Outrageous..)

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    I got banned from a TF2 Server because I said Bitch over Mic 2 times, with no warning at all.

    Thanks dicks!

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    I work on a moderately successful forum about electronics. The forum has a post reporting feature, much like this one and some of the post reports I get come to me are absolutely hilarious. Stuff like "he hurt my feelings" and "he said a bad word"... someone actually reported one of my posts once, seemingly oblivious to the fact that these things come straight back to me and I, you know, make the rules.

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    I was permabanned on a silly wannabe GUI site (wanted to see if someone I knew was registered...) because my name was too short.

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