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    Default New person from Arizona

    Hello, I don't want to reveal too much about myself so I'll be quick by saying I'm 23 (will be 24 in a few months!), don't know exactly what I would call myself (DL perhaps, but I also use pacifiers), and am a songwriter trying to get heard.

    Also, I have Asperger syndrome and am bipolar too.

    Have been lurking, trying to come up with something to type as my intro.

    If you want to call me something, just call me Wolverine. It's my online pen name.

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    So Logan... do you heal abnormally fast or have a skeletal make-up of steel? Also, can you sniff people out like an animal?

    Um... any hobbies/interests? Sports, games, favourite food, boxers or briefs?... favourite sock type and colour... Hitchhiker's thumb or no? Loop or swirl?

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    Waves hi* welcome to ADISC... Hope you have fun here.

    I lived in Tempe for a year when I was 5

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