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Thread: Is this right? 24/7 site hacked?

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    Default Is this right? 24/7 site hacked?

    I was looking thru one of the facebook groups and it said:

    Attention- Do not visit or purchase any diapers from "Dry 24/7" their website has been hacked and currently has malicious code on their website. Once again, do not visit NOR order anything from their website. -Further updates will be coming shortly whenever this matter is fixed.

    anyone know if this is true? I went to the site and didn't see nothing wrong - unless you count the strange sample pack idea. Why would i want to pay for a smaller size that don't fit just to get the one that does?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyah View Post
    um that link is from last year.
    Hence "...some time back". The thread covers a range of explanations and I've seen people bring that up on other occasions. It seems to me that it might be something more to do with their site than being hacked. Some background seemed better than no response at all.

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    I'm sure it was fixed some time ago, I ordered from them a while ago and a recent order with no problems. So order away.

    On the samples, just talk to them, they will send whatever you want.

    The shipping was high for me so i got 3 med and 3 large for almost the same price as two.

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    yea, the internet reports that they hosted malicous code between a few months in 09, but they got it fixed up.

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    I've have placed a order of a case every month for the last 4 months and never had any problem.I just wish they had automatic reorder with a discount.This is the only diaper I don't have to use a doubler

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    That issue was from last year; their site was down for several months.

    I just ordered a sample pack from them last week, and received it this Monday. Everything seems fine now.

    The diapers are expensive, but they may be worth it if you find that even other premium diapers aren't absorbent enough and need to be doubled. These diapers (I tried the medium size) are much thicker than Abena X-Plus or Bambino. The construction and materials also are of high quality.

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    It seems the site is down right now. I've spent the past 3 minutes at a 'loading' screen for it after googling it.

    EDIT: Nevermind. My computer was just a slow pain in my ass.

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