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    Default Hey,I'm Dan

    i'm 27 and i wear nappies.

    i really dislike the term 'incontinent' :/ for as long as i can remember,i could never 'hold on',so i would always wet my pants or poop my 16 i found adult nappies,and thats the way its been ever since.

    one thing i hate about myself is the fact that i cannott find a girl that can accept my problem.

    i am hoping that joining a community site will help,i really dont want to be alone anymore.

    i have avoided sites in the past,like diaperspace,because they seem to be full of fat 40+ dudes,wearing giant baby dresses or pretending to be girls,and scamming on much younger girls,that if they knew how old and what gender they really were,they wouldn't be talking to the girls don't very rarely talk on there.

    i'm not really comfortable being treated like a baby,i have spent much of my life reassuring myself subconciously that i wasn't one.but i can understand that there is a certain appeal to the caring and control of another.i'm looking for more a girl that has a similar problem,not so much a 'mummy' type figure.

    i'm not a bad person,i just want somebody to be with.

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    Hey dan!! welcome to adisc, its a really cool place here!
    I know you will find a heap of people in a very similar situation to yourself, its a pretty common problem with being dependent on diapers or being an *bdl...

    I hope you find your time here as beneficial and as fun as I have, but just remember, you get out what you put in!! Dont be afraid to post and say hello to people, were all really friendly!!

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    If you dislike the word incontinent then why is it in your user name?

    Welcome to ADISC =)

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    Any interests you would like to tell us about?
    Music taste?
    Preference for sliced or diced fruit?

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    Muahahahaha... we'll take over the world!!

    Anyway.... welcome to ADISC Dan

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    Welcome to ADISC Dan. Well mate I can tell you from haft a life time of patient waiting that, just finding someone who accepts you for all that you are and you accept and trust, is hard enough in life as it is, without the added disadvantage of having to wear nappies all the time. But a successful search is well worth all the time and effort it takes. Consider if you will, that the future love of your life may not have to have a similar condition to love the true you, only needs to love all of you for who you are. All the best. Enjoy your time here.

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