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Thread: O Hai Dare ^.^

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    Talking O Hai Dare ^.^

    Hey Guys!
    So Ive been checking out this forum for a few days and thought I'd finally make a post. I originally found this site last week when i was directed to the marshmallow trick thread from Google lol...

    Anyways, I'm a 23yo DL/Fur and am currently a college student majoring in business. I live just outside Sacramento, CA. My hobbies include snowboarding, paintball, computers/gaming, and xbox/xbox live. I'm also very much in love with music and have my own garage/bar band with a few friends.

    Ive been into diapers/stuffed briefs since i was a little kid, but just recently began buying real diapers (im on my second pack of Depends Max Protection). I consider myself mainly a DL, but am also a mild Fur stemming back from being young and reading the Animorphs book series.

    I must say its awesome finding a DL/AB/BF community/forum, most of the sites Ive visited before just seemed to be about meeting people.

    RaWr <3<3<3

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    Welcome Chris and thats a great intro.

    What kind of games do you play?

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    Yo! i'm only a couple hours away from sac. what kind of band are you in?

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    As far as games I'm really into first person shooters and RPGs. Used to play cs and tfd on the computer. I also used to be really into guild wars but don't have much time for that anymore :*(. Now I mainly play modern warefare 2 and halo 3 on xbox. Hoping to get bad company 2 soon and maby mass effect 2 over summer. What games are you into?

    My band is kinda a mix of classic rock/ pop rock (If that makes sense lol). We have about 7 of our own songs and maby 15 cover songs. We've only played two actual gigs though, Were kinda lacking on stage presence/ experience. I play drums btw.

    RaWr <3<3<3

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    You seem like a nice guy, so I'll throw my.. uh.. ...stuffs in.

    Pleased to meet you, Chris. Nice into, by the way, detailed and such. o.o I likes.

    What kind of music do you like? Bands? Songs?

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    Mmm. To be honest I'm pretty much into all kinds of music. I was a music major for a year in college before I switched, also used to be somewhat of a band geek back in highschool. My absolute favorites are probly taking back Sunday, Blink 182, Sublime, and the Beatles. Pretty wide range

    Nice to meet you to.

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    hey ChrisToeFur! thanks for posting. sounds like we have some things in common, would love to chat sometime.

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