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Thread: Question about GoodNites

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    Default Question about GoodNites

    Hi there! I have a quick question about GoodNites. Do most people tend to wet the very front of the training pant? Like where the graphic designs are. I have noticed putting my "thing" upwards will seep into the front but I always wake up with a wet tee because it leaks from the top. Is it better to leave it down? Hopefully you understand :<

    Thank you

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    Opinions on this vary. To me, up just seems very unusual and uncomfortable. I have not yet tried Goodnites though. When I do, it will be the girls design.

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    Yeh it's gotta be down, if your lying on your front it will flood to the front anyway. And if your on your back, the back of the drynites/goodnites will suffice, although i'v found the front is much more absorbent.

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    The thing about the boy's Goodnites (with the absorbency on the front) is that boys growing up have smaller penises, so the chances are better that they will be pointing forward and not down.

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    thats whay older guys should go for the girls ones cause of the absorbacy being at the bottom

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    Goodnites should have kept the white unisex version.

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    Thank you guys so much, I really appreciate it, although I don't like the look of the girls ones, maybe I need to try them next. Thanks again!

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    im buying the boy one next time has the girl one has no space for my penis and i was forced to pee downwards

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    Ya i dont really like that you need it down. But hey i dont like leeks too much :P

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