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Thread: Hello! I'm Todd and I'm new here.

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    Default Hello! I'm Todd and I'm new here.

    Hello all,

    I'm Todd and I am new here. I'm in my late 30's (thats easier to type than 'almost 40'!) I'm a software developer by trade with ambitions of getting into entertainment software and game design. I also love to play games (Not into sports games, but shooters, rpgs, and classic adventure games are awesome). Music wise I like a little bit of everything - I grew up on hippie music from my parents and I liked a lot of punk and metal when I was in school, here lately I have been delving into old vocal jazz like Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn, Julie London, Peggy Lee, etc...

    I am a voracious reader and I also love to write, I posted a story "The Middle" in the in progress section here if anyone feels like checking it out. (Sorry not enough posts to link to it)

    Oh and as for diapers? I consider my self to be an Adult Kid more than an AB. I'm just a big kid who can't help but have an accident every now and again.

    It's really nice to meet everyone...

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    Hi Todd and welcome to the forums! Perhaps the term your looking for is DL (Diaper Lover) one who likes the wearing but no so much as the age regression to it. See the top link labeled Answers Wiki to learn more about this lifestyle.

    Wow so you could be getting into game developing soon! That sounds like so much fun! I love video games too myself. All genres as long as its interesting. What games do you currently enjoy? I'm currently split between playing MAG, Final Fantasy XIII and Super Street Fighter 4. Jazz music is just relaxing and sweet to the ear. I love it too but I don't dab into it as much as I'd like to. I haven't devoted my free time to picking up a good book in a while but I prefer non-fiction myself. Explore the forums and find what interests you and feel free to just jump in to a conversation. Best of Luck!

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    Thanks Lonely! I've always considered myself a bit more than DL. Just not a baby... Let see if I can clarify a bit. Bottles and pacifiers, meh. Sippy cup? Rock on. Onsies and sleepers, for me meh again (Own a onesie that I use for practical purposes sometimes) PJ's with elastic waist and cuffs? I likes em. Baby food, nope. Kids meal? All over it, dinosour chicken nuggets, pizza , etc. So I do like the whole regression thing, only instead of being a baby I want to be a 'big kid' who is still in diapers. I don't want to play with stuffed animals, or letter blocks, or rattles, or any of that *boring* baby stuff. I want to play with Lego's and K'nex, rc cars, nerf guns, video games etc, stuff a baby could never do I guess its kind of weird and not really the norm (as if there IS a norm with ABDL)

    Hope that clears up what I meant, I could have been a bit more clear, I was just trying to keep my intro post mostly diaper free

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