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Thread: Pullups " I'm a big kid now" mp3?

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    Default Pullups " I'm a big kid now" mp3?

    I am looking for the I'm a big kid now commercial in mp3 format so I can convert it to a ringtone. Anyone know where I can find it? Thanks!

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    There are a few ways you can record every sound that comes from your computer, if you find the video on youtube then record your computers output you can save it or convert it to .mp3 format. I personally use something called the 'freecorder toolbar' to record and audacity to modify the stuff.

    The software that comes with your sound card (if you have one, integrated or not) might be able to record too.

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    Typically your sound card will have a channel dedicated to recording the audio from your computer. For sound blaster cards it's the "What U Hear" channel, and for Realtek it's the "Stereo Mix" channel. If you can enable that, then set it as the channel to record from you can then use something like Audacity to record the file then export it as an .mp3. Or you could just use the recorder built into windows however, the functionality is very limited and you'll probably want to tweak the audio a bit before sending it to your phone.

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    When I was with the Community College radio station, we were having a "Weird Out Day" where we played nothing but the weirdest stuff we could find for the entire day. Just for that day, I took over 100 old commercials from YouTube, and converted them to Mp3 for everyone to play on-air. I'll see if I have the file of this one still hanging around.

    Pull Ups 1993 Mp3

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    Although it's a pretty cool jingle, I'd be too embarrassed to have that ringtone sound.

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    I've been very bipolar with this jingle since I was little. Sometimes I think it's cute then other times I think it's annoying and stupid. I guess it just depends on my mood. But the jingle and most of the pullups commercials are on youtube.

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    Rip it from a YouTube video. Just google "youtube to mp3"

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    Am I the only one whose first reaction is that making this into your ringtone is a really bad idea? Have you carefully considered how your social circle is going to react to your cell phone playing the Pull-Ups jingle?

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