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Thread: I will always have a mommy now- Advice for an engaged infantilist

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    Default I will always have a mommy now- Advice for an engaged infantilist

    So I just got engaged, My fiancee is awesome and we bond immensely due to diapers. We also have the same life goals and we are a lot alike and different enough to keep things interesting. I love her with all my heart and I"m just so happy. We got engaged a month and a half ago and she's never been happier.

    Now with that being out of the way how many of you are engaged or married to your mommy? How is your relationship overall? If you have kids do you get jeoulus of your kids or what? How often do you wear diapers? If she's your mommy is she also your baby? etc. Any suggestions on how to deal with infantilism in a "advance relationship"?

    See I'm thinking of sleeping in diapers most nights... not being babied just sleeping in them. Now my fiancee thinks that she's gonna have the energy to baby me every night. So yeah she also thinks that she won't need to be little, I told her she'll need it more then ever when she's raising kids since that's our escape, our stress reliever ya know? So yeah just general advice on how married babies are would be nice.
    BTW: Infatilism is just one aspect of our relationship it's like 10% Infantilism , 5% diaper lover and 85% everything else.
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    I was engaged to my Daddy... then she dumped me for my friend because I'm too depressive at the moment. Now I'm more like her mistress ^w^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nozomi View Post
    I was engaged to my Daddy... then she dumped me for my friend because I'm too depressive at the moment. Now I'm more like her mistress ^w^
    That's kind of sad...and confusing. Best of Luck with your future dude.

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    I'm a daddy and I been engaged to my gf/babygirl since the 4th of this month. We have a normal relationships like everyone else expect we both like diapers and she like being a baby while I like being a daddy to her.

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    Red face

    First off, I would like to congratulate you on your happiness. I know a few couples have issue with accepting their significant other in terms of infantalism and other interests, but I thankfully am not one of those people. To make a long history short, I met my babygirl and fiancee BabyRavey online eight years ago. She is now living with me, and she approached me a few months ago about this to which I readily accepted because I just love her so incredibly much and I also had wishes to do this with her for the simple reason that she is beautiful and the world has treated her lets just say less than kind. She is just so special and beautiful and perfect to me that I would do anything for her, and in doing so I unlocked a maternal side to me.

    I am her Mommy at all times which I enjoy doing. She does have an adult side that she speaks with quite often, but when we are alone or online she lets her baby side out because its a source of comfort, and calm for both of us. We haven't started dressing her up yet but we are working towards that, and most of that is because we live with others that would not be accepting. Recently though, I was able to get her coloring books and crayons and such. A pacifier will be next I'm hoping. I also cuddle her and do things that any caring mother would do. Each couple has their own preference I suppose, but all I know is I found true happiness when I found her

    To address your questions, obviously we are engaged. Our relationship is wonderful. Yes we fight sometimes, but in the end she always ends up back in my arms safe and loved where she deserves to be and belongs. As for diapers, we haven't done that yet, but thats only because again we don't live on our own. We discussed me being a baby to her also, but so far shes comfortable just being a baby to me. That may expand to involve both of us being babies to each other. I'm not sure yet. As for suggestions, you can play games or watch cartoons, color together, or cuddle together. (I love cuddling her~ pure bliss) It really depends on what each individual pair wants and for that you should talk to her. Sorry for the length of my post, but I hope it helps.

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    Well sleeping in diapers doesnt always have to be because you wish to be a baby but if someone wishes to baby you that is great. I know some people find it odd but why is it odd? I think if you love someone it shouldnt matter what their life style is. I am glad to see that people here are accepting. I hope all goes well for you.

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    I'm lucky enough that my wife is open and understanding enough to mommy me from time to time as I need it. She isn't fully ready to do everything, but she will diaper me, cuddle me, rock me to sleep and give me a bottle--quite a bit in my opinion.

    Of course, marriage (or any relationship for that matter) is about give and take, so I make sure I try to give her what she wants and needs before she gives me the play time I want. It helps us both de-stress and relax, and we both get more enjoyment out of it all in the end.

    I'm a lucky little boy!

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    i'm glad you guys are happy. So In general Infantilism is a good thing eh? I feel like there is a unique bond with my Fiancee and me that many other couples can never achieve.

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    Yes infantalism is a very good thing. Society just needs to shut their mouths and quit judging us on things they will never dream of understanding. BabyRavey and I are closer because of it

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    Bad idea. One of basic human necessary is find out and discus about. Itīs something, what means nobody can be separated of all for more than normal. Necessary to understand is something whatīs doing maintenance to go ahead. I canīt it explain better, so I think you understand. Infantil part of you can help you, but canīt solve your life.

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