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Thread: 17year old from scotland

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    Default 17year old from scotland

    I am a 17 year boy living in scotland nearish Glasgow, Like wearing and using nappies. Like Drynites & Tena Slips

    Would love to meet other TBDL's

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    I'm not a TB but hello anyway. I'm kind of used to the whole UK nappy thing - but the europeon thing oh having slip as a diaper name, IE attends slip, Tena Slip etc is very strange to me. Here in the states a slip is a ladies undegarment for wearing with dresses that prevents you from seeing through the dress (how old fashioned is that!?! Watch out ladies they can see your knees! KNEES!)

    Do you know the background on using slip as it relates to diapers?

    Nice to meet you,

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    Nice to meet you is there anything else about you what you could tell us? Other hobbies, what do you like or dislike, etc?

    @dprtodd: Lol, what a rant

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