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    So school is almost out! Well at least for me anyways, I only have a couple weeks left. Anyways, I was wondering if any of you had any plans of a summer job and if so tell us about it! This is obviously more directed at like highschool/college people but ya know, whatever!

    Anyways, I'm working at a community theatre as a makeup artist and "interning" if you will with a professional clown. So that's really exciting.

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    This has been my plans for a while now, but I will be a counselor at a camp for the 3rd consecutive year. Loving it that I will be paid $300 USD a week!

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    I make minimum wage at a marina

    Already started doing weekends, I have a feeling this year is going to be nuts compared to last.

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    I work at a little corner grocery store. Maybe I'll kick in some extra hours.

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    Working at a firework stand 7/8ish an hour, And a Store 7.50/hour, and another store8-9$/hour(after I get a job at the other store) and then I'm going get my license when I have the time.

    I'm shooting for 50-90hours a week when I start working

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    Working as one of those people who approach you on the street to talk about a charity, and then try to get debit card details from you.
    Pays a really decent wage!

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    I work full-time hours at Lowe's. I still work there during school, but only like 5-10 hours a week, compared to 30-40 hours a week during the summer.

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    I hopefully will be working at the social security admin this summer, i interviewed last week so i should know something soon. If not its the old salt mine at the warehouse lol.
    Cant argue with it though, atleast i have a job now.

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    Theres an opening at some grocery stores around here and they advertised that they are willing to hire people 15 and up. So I'm going to apply online soon and get my name in there, hopefully my first job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    Working as one of those people who approach you on the street to talk about a charity, and then try to get debit card details from you.
    Pays a really decent wage!
    Ah, those people. Only one of them ever got me as far as following them to their stand. That was when I was 18, and I thought it was fishy to approach me with "Are you 18 yet?" to begin with. Later on, he wanted to see my ID, but I replied I can very well spell my name and address if necessary. When he wanted two (!) signatures to send me a catalogue, I told him to go fuck himself (in nice terms) and left, but he yelled after me that he should charge me 5 EUR for waisting one of his forms.
    Shame I was naive back then, or I would have called the cops on him for fraud, as 2 signatures usually means you're subscribing to something, which also works with the having to be 18-bit.


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