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Thread: just a little tip.

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    Default just a little tip.

    make sure the absorbent side is facing your skin... *stares at puddle on floor.* I can't believe I messed up on that.

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    How do you mess that up? I don't see how the tapes would even work if you had it on backwards...

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    LOL! ZOMG! You put the diaper on inside out?! How did you manage to do that?

    AHAHAHAHAH!!!! :rotfl:

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    ::epic Face Palm::
    - the necessary level of face palm is impossible as palm cannot go through face

    Seriously though, how did you do it?

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    I apologize for saying this, but you sir, must be a little bit lacking in common sense?

    That is too bad for you, flip it around and try again.

    I must thrust my hand through my face to achieve the desired level of face palmage.

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    it was most likly a pull up style diaper. so he had no tapes to tell him it was inside out. I did that once but fixed it before I wet.

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    Even if it's a pull up...I still don't see how you could mess that up...I think you would notice something when you feel a different type of fabric than what you usually feel...And to achieve the appropriate face-palmage, you would not only have to go through your face...You would have to go through your face, anyone's face behind you along with lots of buildings and other objects until you manage to circumnavigate the globe and refacepalm what's left of your face...

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    maybe he did it on see what it was like? who knows...

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    Well... wierdly enough... LuvsGurl had one of her pullups that would not absorb... on either side. Luckily she was at home when she used it.

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