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Thread: hello im new

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    Default hello im new

    my name is jon and im a baby fur and i like to talk and work on computers and servers and if any one need help i can help them

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    Welcome to ADISC Jon! Any other interesting things about yourself you want to share?

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    Default more

    well im shy but im all ways ready to talk, im a big nerd and i am a web admistrator and creator.

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    Hi, from another huge computer nerd!! Seem to be a lot of IT Related people in the ABDL world (can't comment on the fur world...since I know nothing, hehe).

    The question has to be asked... Linux Server or Windows Server? I'll always use Linux servers where I can... damn, windows active directory and domains!!

    Enough of me rambling!! Welcome to ADSIC! Enjoy your stay!!

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    linux on 9 of them and 1 windows server (required)

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    Nice. I used to have about 15 computers set up when I was still in school. Now I have my home network whittled down to under 5 machines. I have my main PC (Dual Boot Win 7 / Ubuntu (10.4 this weekend if I have time)) a Vista Laptop, A 1u rack mount Server 2008 and a 1u RHE5. The windows and RHE boxes are used as a development environment. I also have an original xbox modded and running XBMC and I hope to get a SFF net top to replace it with running XBMC on linux or maybe Boxee. Glad to have fellow nerds here

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    cool im glad that there are nerds here and im hopeing that the week i will be adding 10 new servers to my network

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    thats nice. You have any website? What sort of network have you?

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    yes i do but i use it for work not play like ssh,vpn,irc,sftp,http,proxy,spacewalkand much more so it not much of a public thing but i will make it later

    i also have 10 other network that i work on that are off site
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    Cool, networking nerd! That is what I studied in high school, and study in college. Cisco networking to be precise. As I move further in with my studies I look forward to getting more into server side stuff.

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