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    I just have to ask if you have a diaper that you think is the greatest. Not what brand works the best, but for example, I just got a camouflage cloth snap-close diaper. That rocks! I know a lot of you get some pretty cool prints out there. Do you guys have anything that you think is an awesome item?

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    That's pretty cool! For an awesome looking disposable diaper tape, look in my gallery, I'm sure it will stand out ^^

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    I guess I'm kind of a lame ass. I don't really have any cool diapers like that, but my favorite so far has been the many designs of Goodnites.

    And welcome to the forums Billiards.

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    lol might be lame but i think my pampers are cool since im one of the rare few that fit into them perfectly ^v^

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    I bought some purple & green, Skull & cross bones cloth diapers on e-bay. I think they are pretty cool.

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    I bought a couple off eBay as well, they have Diego, Thomas the train, and a spiderman one. I think the Thomas one is my fav.

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    I think you're talking cloth here, and I don't own any cloth. However I think the Huggies Supreme for girls with Winnie the Pooh prints are awesome. I'm after some old Luvs with Barney stuff.

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    Ive never seen any in person but the new pampers swim diapers look pretty cool

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    I don't have those anymore.. .but a couple of years ago I learned how to make my own cloth (a good friend is a talented seamstress...)... and not it's not camp if a guy likes to sew.

    I made a couple of cool boxer-shorts with inside attached plastic pants / cloth diapers...
    I used those for the times where I knew I had to change in public or sleep in a dorm and didn't feel like exposing my crinkly usual diaper.
    One boxer short was actually made from an oversized "Punisher"-tshirt... looked awesome... the punisher cloth diaper.

    One of these days when I get a new sewing machine eventually (my old one broke)... I'll make a new set of those.

    But other than that, believe me or not, I'm VERY fond of cloth-backed (the non-plastic-cover-type) disposable diapers ... especially the Absorin brand ones.
    No crinkle, less sweaty sides, at lot less discrete and so soft to the touch... less chafing at the legs... these days I almost exclusively wear those and think they're pretty cool & awesome as they are really designed to work well.

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