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Thread: This is a Greeting.

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    Post This is a Greeting.

    Hello. I'm long time reader of this forum three or so years. Felt like doing something productive so I opted to actually create an account, and build upon the content of the forum.

    It's so odd for me right now.
    Typing out, and displaying to a public forum a secret identity that I try to conceal from everyone else in the physical world.
    It feels like I'm breaking some great social taboo with each key stroke.

    For your connivence I'll list some information that could be found on my profile on to this thread.

    Location:East Coast (A testament to how paranoid I am)

    My sexual kink most aligns with the label Adult Baby.

    I have never worn a real diaper, but have crafted numerous makeshift ones during my earlier teenage years.
    I wear childish briefs, and some people are aware of that, and find it somewhat fitting with my personality.
    I also have two pairs of footed pajamas that don't perturb anyone either.
    I love footed pajamas pajamas dearly.

    I love graphic design, and learning about people. I adore watching documentaries, and I have a very eclectic taste in film, and music.
    I enjoy listening to interesting people, and I enjoying satirical things as well.
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    I can't list one music artist, composer, or band as my all time favorite, but I can say that currently I love the Nurses, they have been compared to Grizzly Bear, and Animal Collective.

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    Awesome! I'm more of a classic rock and clubbing tunes girl myself, but I'll listen to pretty much anything!

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    Welcome to ADISC good sir! The pianist in my band is an Animal Collective fan, so I've heard some of their stuff. Very interesting band! In fact, we played our own version of "My Girls" a couple weeks back; that was hard to play, let me tell ya!

    But anyways, I hope you enjoy it here man. I think we were all a bit shy when we first joined; you'll probably feel more comfortable with the community as time goes on. Hope to see ya around the forums!

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    Animal collective. O_o

    I. Fu****g. Love. Animal collective!!! :}D

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    Thanks everyone, your responses, and love for Animal Collective are greatly appreciated.

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