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    Well, I thought that is was time to introduce myself. I am 58 and live in the North of the UK. I have hobbies of electronics and computing, particularly one type called the Arduino.

    I have only recently started using diapers for fun but really enjoy sleeping in them for a whole night when away on business and wearing one during the day when there are no others in the house. I always use stuffers made from disposable diapers to prevent flooding.

    My preferred type is the Tena Slip Maxi Medium, although I have only tried home made towelling, some adult pull ups and large pad style ones so am not an expert.

    I have only been doing this for less that a year and it is difficult to get time on my own to do it.

    I would like to try tie on style so perhaps someone could suggest ones available in the UK.

    I really like the site, both informative and interesting so I will stop lurking and start taking part.

    Thanks to all

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    Hi there!!

    Well computers and electronics... good choice of hobbies!!

    Never seen the Arduino stuff myself, but they look pretty cool. I've only used the good old microchip PIC's and an arm8 development kit (which is is super powerful!!).

    What sort of stuff do you program them to do?

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