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    hey i just got my first collar and i wanna get a tag but what should i out in the back of it?

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    The obvious choices would be your name, your fursona's name or your online name? :P

    If you wanted a bit more than that, maybe a short description of your fursona? Or perhaps your address and phone number? Or, if you're in a relationship (with someone open minded about these things), it might be a sweet gesture to get your partner's name on the back, as in a "If found, please return to..." or "Property of..." thing :)

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    Something humerous? Like

    Be careful i bite


    I will lick You... TO DEATH!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Snaps View Post
    Something humerous?
    I will lick You... TO DEATH!

    thx snaps im totally putting that

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    I suggest emoticons D: ^_^

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    Hm... if you want an excuse to wear it everywhere you go put your allergies on it. Then it's like a MedicAlert bracelet, but more original

    (It's a shame that I use my lying/hiding/deceit skills for good, very interesting things could happen.)

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    the last tag I had was my mates name on it stating the I was his pet. ^_^

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