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    I am conspiracyofhope; i have been interested in D. since I was really little; Still trying to figure out how this should/should'nt fit into my life - I am a Christian.

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    Refreshments are over there. -->

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    Welcome conspiracy! If your curious, I'm Christian too, I know one fellow, he's a preacher.

    Enjoy the refreshements Lukie pointed out! (Just don't take my coffee or cream soda!)

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    First of all welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

    I am also a christian, and let me tell you something, wear diapers is NOT a sin, no matter what people say. I actually wrote a post on this I am going to go find it and add it here so you can take a look at it.

    EDIT: Hmm never mind, I thought I wrote a post on it, but that was more about how being gay is not a sin. Even though that is a different issue they are very much similar in the aspect of whether or not they are sins or not. So I will explain my point of view as pretty devote christian who has had expeirance with being an infantilist for 8 years (me).

    Wear diapers is NOT a sin, but it can be a sin if you let it be. Most christians would absolute degrade anyone who wear diapers for any reason that does not include the need to. Most christians well tell you that it is a sin from the devil's temptation, I have heard that several times, it could not be further from the truth. Where in the Bible does it say not to wear diapers? NO WHERE! If it is sinful then all babies, and old people are sinning too, which would mean Jesus sinned too when he was a baby. So obviously from those observations, you can see that diapers is NOT a sin.

    Except there is a catch, there is one possible way that it can become a sin in the eyes of christians, well the christian book anyways (Bible), because the christian society would say different. The Bible has one of ten commandents as thou shall not put anything else before God. This means that God should always come first, no matter what. That means before family, before friends, before your job, before your school, and yes even before diapers. So if you consider diapers more important than your love to worship the Lord, then YES that DOES make diapers a sin. In that sense not only diapers can be a sin but anything can be a sin if you see it as more important than the Lord.

    So overall infantilists (people who like to wear diapers and/or regress younger) are NOT sinning by their desires or actions as long as they put their worship of the Lord before their desires. It says in the Bible that NO ONE is perfect and that EVERYONE sins, so people who tell you wear diapers for sexual pleasure, relaxtation, stress relief, or for regression is a sin, well they are they are one HUGE hypocrit, becase NO sin is worse than the other. Cussing is just as bad as murdering and so on. So just because you like to wear diapers does NOT make you any less worthy of the Lord's love or heaven.

    This is a issue that many many many christians do not understand. This shows that many people who call themselfs christians, really are not true christians, because if they were they would follow the Bible and not what everyone else tells them or their own beliefs which is what these hypocrites are doing. I have seen groups of christian infantilists who come together and try to quit together, well those people do not understand the Bible of infantilism. Plus infantilism can not be cured....yes you can stop doing it BUT if someone is a true infantilist NOT ONE SINGLE INFANTILIST can stop having urges and fantasies of diapers or regressing or whatever it isyou have fantasies of. It is a part of who you are, even more so, a part of how GOD made you to be, if he did not want you that way he would not have made you that way. So be happy with the way he made it and accept yourself for who you are as a person inside. Do NOT look at other christians or other people for acceptance, because they will lead you in the wrong direction, not because they want to do harm to you, but mainly because they do not know any better, because lying preachers and pastors have basiclly brain washed many christians.

    So I hope this is all some what more clear to you. I found out what infantilism was when I was 12 and tried my first diaper, but I always had feelings for diapers for as long as I can remember, so I know it is a part of my personality. So remember accept who you are as a person, because it is how God made you. If you have any qeustions or comments, about this or anything else please feel absolutely free to post it. You can send me a private message yet until you loose your newbie status.
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    Welcome. Hope you have a great time on this site.

    And though i am christain, I believe religion is 99.9% wrong, and you should not go looking to see what it thinks about certain things.

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    Default Welcome to our little nappy world

    Welcome Mate

    Hope you enjoy the site and chatting to people here. There are a wide span of people here including christians so hopefully you will feel at home.



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    Welcome to this site. I hope you enjoy It.

    Since there's a lot of replies about it.

    I'm also christian. LOL
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    Hi. I am a Jew. Welcome to our community.


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    Welcome! Hope you have a good time here!

    Even if you don't accept yourself just yet, we will, and we're here for you regardless, so chin up and give us a smile!

    Keep on rockin'!

    E404~ <3

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