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Thread: swords, armour and all other assorted lunacy.

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    Default swords, armour and all other assorted lunacy.


    what swords and weaopons do you like, PREFERABLY not guns, but ill allow guns too,

    for hiostorical arms, maybe state the nation and time period.

    for me. mhan-qing dynasty chinese
    japanese/ okinawan

    and for european.. to me theres no scarer site than that of a gothic knight baring down on you.

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    I used to have a korean sword which I was trained to use by the NKMAA when I was 15 or so. Probably the most useless thing to learn from martial arts. Am I really going to just happen to have a massive sword with me the next time I get mugged? Oh well, it looked cool at least.

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    Eh, I'm currently learning how to use a bokken and jo (a pole).

    While I'm not going to carry a sword around, there is definitely a chance I can find a large pole around if I ever get into a fight.

    As for ancient deadly weapons,

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    I forgot the name of it, but it's a type of mace. Basically, it's a cane, but the part you hold is really freaking heavy. It's really practical because it doesn't look like a mace, and it's good at cracking skulls!

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    As for ancient deadly weapons,

    You get serious cool points for that Pastrami.

    I only wish I had thought about it when I posted.

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    I used to collect swords, mostly Japanese style!

    I would like a good quality Western style blade from Angus Trim.

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    I'm quite a fan of the kanabo and meteor hammer. But also like the taiaha which is a maori weapon, basically a large, thick wooden pole with a sharpened jade head on the end. Obviously I'll never own any of these or get a chance to use them but look pretty effective to me.

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    I'm proficient in dual tanto/shoto/twin knives, singular of the aforementioned and the naginata.

    I'm also very talented with a toothpick staff/Bo/Jo in the art of combat, not so much in freestyle, but in applied use.

    I can use a katana ONLY if it has no tsuba (Hand guard.)

    I can adapt most light polearm styles (Halberds, spears, etc) into my naginata proficiency.

    I can use well (But not proficient in):

    Katana (Tsubaless)
    Wakizashi (Tsubaless)
    Twin hookswords.
    Butterfly knives
    Scottish Great Sword
    Celtarian war swords
    English Longbow.

    Overall though, I am most trained in the Naginata/Nagamaki, they are my favourite.

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