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    Is this a good idea, buying a few baby cloth diapers and using them as stuffers/doublers to get the feeling of cloth and a little more absorbency in my generic diapers? I'm looking to get the feeling and sensation of cloth without having to purchase plastic pants or order online.

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    I know this works because I do this quite often. I have about 2 dozen Gerber Birdseye Weave Cloth Diapers just for this purpose.

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    Yes, this sounds like a pretty good idea. As long as you can wash them and take care of them, its a great idea. It will add bulk as well as the feeling of cloth; I am thinking about getting into cloth myself.

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    Works great, though I feel that using cloth ones won't give you as much absorbency as using a baby sized disposable as a stuffer. I don't really have any proof, it just feels that way to me. But I do very much so like the feeling of cloth as well, so since that's what you're aiming for, I think it'll work wonderfully.

    One more thing of importance, cloth starts to smell much sooner than disposable. Usually plastic pants work somewhat to contain the smell, but with a disposable on, there's more chance of odors escaping, so don't spend too long in wet cloth diapers, even if they are just stuffers.

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    Is $8 too much to spend on one baby cloth diaper? What should I look for (or is there much I can do since they're for babies anyhow)?

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    I've never used cloth as a stuffer, just as a regular diaper. It's okay. I mean, the bulk is great, but the plastic panties are a necessity!

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