As you may know, a shiny, new, v4.0 version of ADISC is in development.

This is a big update. It doesn't just upgrade the software we use, it also changes the look of the site, the navigation, even adding and removing some features.

Awhile ago, we requested beta testers, to evaluate how the 4.0 version is coming along.

We asked the beta participants how they'd feel about us doing the update now.

Here's what they said:
Do it now! The new version is a big improvement! 0.0% 0
Do it soon - it is ready, though it could benefit from a few tweaks. 62.5% 10
I like the idea, but I have a few reservations. 12.5% 2
I'm neutral. Do it if you want. Or not. I don't mind. 12.5% 2
I don't like the idea, but I can see how it improves some areas. 0.0% 0
Don't do it. There cons far outweigh the pros. 0.0% 0
No. Just... no. 12.5% 2

* Over 60% (10/16) think the new site is almost ready, and that we should do the upgrade soon
* 75% (12/16) like the idea
* Only 12.5% (2 of 16) dislike the new site

So, all in all, the response was quite favorable. 3/4 of beta testers think that the new site is a substantial improvement on the current one.

We will keep working on the new version of the site.
Thank you everyone for your support, and special thanks to the beta testers who helped test the new version.