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Thread: Whats with all the hate for shrinks?

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    Default Whats with all the hate for shrinks?

    I've noticed that about half the "I told my parents" threads that pop up have to do with "They are sending me to a shrink, zomg" as well.

    Now, please explain to me, (because I'm not getting it,) the stigma that is attached to seeing a shrink or psychiatrist?

    I saw one about two years back, and he was great.

    I just don't get why everyone is so hyped up about seeing a shrink when they are asked to go, or need it.

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    It's the social idea that going to a shrink means people think you're crazy or sick in the head or something. My mate saw one as well and it was better for him. Didn't change him at all except how he perceived himself. Which was good since he had pretty low self-esteem.

    I think the problem is the psychs that try to "cure" things that don't need to be cured. Grief is my pet hate. People go through grief and they only need someone to help them through it. Not get rid of it.

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    Some Shrinks wouldn't care for their patient but only for the money they get, which wouldn't really solve the patients problem.
    In my future when I become a diaper wearing psychologist, If i could I would help people for free because i can't stand to see other people suffer. Hopefully There will be more good psychologists that care for there patients.

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    I tell people all the time that I see a shrink, and if they are so discriminatory to treat me less because of it, then I know they aren't a person I want to associate with anyhow.

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    My thoughts about the subject, for who may not have already read them, are clearly stated here:

    Probably, this means I've got a giantic male ego...

    But I can't help asking myself why, 60 or 70 years ago, when there was way much more poorness around, and people had to work real hard for a living, this kind of problems were not nearly as half widespread as they're now.

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    I'll be honest with you, most shrinks are ok and I do understand the purpose for them. HOWEVER. I had a shrink when I was 15 who when I finally had the guts to admit I could be gay actually pushed her wheely chair right across the side of the room and crossed her arms as if to say "you are repulsive to me and you are not going to look at me anymore"

    Shortly afterwards I found myself heading for a mental instituation where I found a lot of others who had been admitted after she found them to be homosexual. Now this was within the last 5 years so I have NO idea how the woman managed it but every one who told her they were gay wound up in a mental institution for at least a month to "work themselves out" because she said they had problems with identity or some shrink mumbo jumbo of the same thing.

    I'm not saying all experiences are like this by any means but just saying that there are those odd ones around that are worrysome.

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    I can honestly say I've never had any experience with a shrink. And I really don't know anyone who has. To me, it's a really foreign concept. The idea of going to see someone over personal matters to get them sorted just isn't something that's widely practised in my area, as far as I know. But I can definitely see how people have reservations about going to see them.

    The fact that you are telling a complete stranger some intricate part of your life can be daunting in itself. Much like a doctor though, the whole privacy and confidentiality thing applies, so to go in knowing that would be very helpful. But admitting that you have a problem is what a lot of people have trouble with. No one is wired up to express their flaws and imperfections. At the risk of appearing weak and futile, not to mention the instinct to protect our image and dignity all factor in to make one hell of a inner-conflict.

    But at the end of the day, the best way to overcome any problem is to get it out in the open and accept the help that others wish to give you. As a professional, shrinks have probably dealt with a whole array of different cases, so I don't think anything is too "out there" for them. They have to approach their job with an open mind, otherwise they wouldn't be in that job. To be able to get into someone's head and iron out their creases is an amazing talent, and highly regarded personally.

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    I've been to about 4 different ones and I didn't like any. They were all wankers. I have no choice who I see and I have to see who the mental health service says I see. They come to town once a month. There are no shrinks living in town, only psychologists and they can't prescribe and diagnose

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    I think the hatred for therapists in general comes from the fact that those of us who have been sent to them have been sent b/c our parents thought something was wrong with us.

    I personally relate being AB/DL closely to being gay or bi. For as long as I can remember I have had a desire to wear and use diapers... and despite things I've tried I can't change that fact... so I have to accept it as part of who I am. I don't see there being anything wrong with me... and the therapist I was sent to didn't do a thing to help me.

    It seems that society these days tries to find a label and a "cure" for everyone who isn't 100% normal. People are different... get over it. As long as it isn't effecting your work or school performance... what's the big deal?

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    I think the reason people are against the shrink thing when they get found out is because a shrink is someone you should see when you feel you should, or if you really need to see one. Being forced to see one by your family shows that your parents don't respect your judgement, and shows that they think that being a TB means there's something wrong with you.
    I'd be a bit offended if I was found out, and my parents insisted that I see a shrink.

    But apart from being forced to see one when there's reason to, I don't think there's anything wrong with seeing a shrink. I think I could have really benefited from seeing one a couple of years ago, but I was too scared to take the steps towards seeing one.
    Ironically, now I'm more confident and no longer need to see one, I think I would be brave enough to see one!

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