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    Default My fantasy

    I like to listen to music watch movies text on my cell phone
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    Don't share your fantasies here, please.

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    sorry that i posted this did not know people would not like it

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    Maybe you should restart your intro.

    Use the Queen's English and everything that goes along with it - punctuation, capitalization, grammar, etc. I know you can, because you've almost certainly done it on English papers.

    Tell us something about you besides diapers. What are your hobbies and interests? Show some personality. You don't have to be the next Mr. T, but at least demonstrate something unique about yourself.


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    I think he has already made his intro... at least twice. Probably no purpose in this being open anymore.

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    Guys, it's just a little slip-up, don't go down on the poor dude with Thor's hammer. At least he is trying to become a contributor on this site. Live and let live. The guy apologized now lets move on....

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