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Thread: Wetness Indicator

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    Default Wetness Indicator

    Does anyone ebver use their wetness indicator?

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    uh yeah whenever i use the diaper

    what do you mean by your question?

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    Just to see about how much I've wet without taking off my diaper...Or to see if I actually managed to using it while sleeping

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    i think a good daddy would use the wetness indicator, or most likely just feel how wet his baby is... I like seeing the color change when i wet!

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    Well considering I knew I was using my diaper I don't use it aside to see how much it was. Theres been times I went to bed dry and then the lines were blue but that was due to sweat. I know my dad has walked into my room a few times and I always seam to kick my covers off. I have no idea if he even saw the yellow or blue lines but even if he did neither of us wanted him to change me.

    My online "older brother" has zoomed in on the few diaper pics I showed him and checked me that way.

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