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Thread: Why it's okay how it is.

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    Default Why it's okay how it is.

    This is a post about opinions.

    First of all, I want to say I love this community, and really aprreciate it. It's a place were I could express my deeper self.

    Okay, so, to the point. In some places, I've seen other *B/DL's or furry's saying that they wish that the whole world could be like *B/Dl or furry.

    The truth is, in my opinion, that this could be good in some aspects, but I would prefer it how it is right now- a somewhat unknown group.

    But I like to look at it in this way:

    Suppose you have a collectors item, a very rare prop. Not many people are even aware that such article exists, but feel very satisfied at owning it.

    Know, think: What if everyone in the planet had that same collectors item? It definitely wouldn't feel the same.

    Now imagine if everyone were an *B/DL or furry. This community would maybe not even exist, and then it would be almost certain that they're would still be stalkers and such mean people.

    Almost all the people in this community (ADIsc) are very kind and open-minded. They make me feel like I'm understood.

    So, remember. Even though you might feel lonely or uncomprehended sometimes, you have a special like that you really appreciate.

    I would like to hear other people's opinions about this topic.

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    yesh well...
    I do not wish the whole world was like me
    otherwise it would be hard to be fawsome and original
    and thats never gunna happen anywho...

    Im with you
    not really with you...
    but I am

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    I am grateful for this site and for all the understanding people here, but as for infantilism, well, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I've suffered with it for decades and am only now coming to terms with it. No I wouldn't want everyone to be AB/DL, because it would diminish the reality of the causal factors involed in becoming AB/DL. I didn't just fall off a log and decide to put a diaper on. There were certain very distressing circumstances that prompted the obsession, and if everyone was exhibiting the behavior then the truth of those circimstances could not be uncovered.

    For me, infantilism hasn't always been fun. It has lead to suffering. I am only now becoming "satisfied" and accepting of my infantilism, and in that acceptance comes the end of suffering. However, in my opinion, infantilism can be a real affliction if it interferes with a person's life, as it has mine, and I'm glad not everyone must go through what I've been through.

    Thanks... sorry for the long post,

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