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Thread: What tyhpe of baby clothing would you call this

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    Default What tyhpe of baby clothing would you call this

    I have wondered something, the clothing that maggie, on the simpson, wears, what is that called? and is there an AB store on line that would sell them.

    Also not 100% sure this is the right forum to put this question if it is not, mod 1st I appogize 2nd would you be willing to move it to the right place.

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    It was called a blue "Sweat Pea" outfit in one of the comics. I'm not sure if this is an actual existent brand, but that's all I know.

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    I believe it's a bunt bag. That's what my family's always called them, at least.

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    They sell something similar in Wal-Mart, I think they are calld Snugglys or something like that.

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