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    Smile Introduction to me :)

    HELLO!! Here are a couple of quick summary bits about me. If you like them Ė read on - I apologize for the long profile Ė I hope itís worth the read!

    * I'm a 2 year old AB little living in Vancouver, BC, who carries his bear with him everywhere!
    * Iím deeply in love with my Mommy, Mistress and Soulmate Heather (babeandbaby on
    * I am a happy, bubbly, friendly, playful and extremely silly baby....
    * We are looking for single/couples as friends and playmates primarily for BDSM or age play.
    * "Vanilla" things I enjoy: electronic/trance music, comedy, skiing, philosophy, food and cinema/film.
    * ÖI donít do ďnormalĒ.

    I'm asexual, but bisexual with it, so I'm not interested in anyone, and yet Iím interested in everyone! What that basically means is that Iíve never had any interest in ďvanillaĒ sexual relationships, and still struggle with them. I have two sides to my persona Ė the AB little, and a darker BDSM side. I'm very submissive and an INFP personality type. As an INFP I am very sensitive to my environment and experience both my own and other peopleís emotions intensely, making some spaces and interactions difficult at times. I often regress to escape overwhelming or intense feelings. Regression can even provide me with the clarity of mind to deal with emotions and understand how Iím feeling.

    The baby side of me is playful, energetic, bubbly, happy and light spirited. As a baby I want to give love and be loved. Sometimes I want to snuggle and be small, other times I want to jump and shout and play. My baby has his roots in childhood traumas that I've come to terms with and now celebrate. All the circumstances in our lives, whether positive or negative go to make who we are Ė and this has made a me! I would like to spare any other ABs out there the emotional pain that can be in store when visiting this ďprofessionallyĒ. My advice to any ABs out there: Accept yourself for who you are. You are a wonderful and sensitive human being with a very unique and special gift Ė enjoy and cherish your distinct perspective.

    As a baby I feel safe, secure, loved and cared for. I feel small, delicate, fragile and special. As a baby I love to play and enjoy experiencing the world through bright, innocent and naive eyes. I am light, carefree and loving. There is never any sexual element to my baby play. I generally regress to around 2 years old. I am a creative person generally as an adult, and have an intense and visual imagination. This sometimes causes me to disconnect from the world, where the real world can feel like a dream (and often one that Iím not able to fully participate in), but it also enables me to feel as small as a newborn. I can occasionally be naughty/bratty and sometimes need gentle caring discipline and nurturing, including restraint with reins, corner-time and spanking. I can feel very disconnected from the world around me and need reassurance that I have a place in it and that Iím loved.

    Sometimes I need be little and feel loved and protected. Sometimes it's just that simple.

    Exploring my sexuality is only a very recent thing for me Ė mostly I identify as bisexual, though my experience and exploration is so limited at this stage I need to take things very slowly to feel comfortable. I love to play with like-minded, sensitive, understanding people. Iím not into anything permanent but I love to please and will take as much as I possibly can, surrendering completely. I enjoy pain and suffering and the intense release and learning that it can bring.

    The contrast between baby and sub are dramatic. In both states I surrender control and Iím very submissive and eager to please. In one state I need to feel deeply connected and physically close to and loved by the person in control (mummy/daddy, caregiver, baby sitter, playmate, soulmate). I need to feel free to play, but in a safe controlled space. In the other state I need to feel (almost) completely disconnected from the Dominant (Mistress/Master) and donít seek any direct physical contact (or sometimes even recognition) during a scene. I almost always retreat to babyspace following the end of a scene in subspace to recover and once again feel loved, safe, secure and protected.

    Day-to-day I feel like a two year old child/baby. As an adult I carry my bear with my wherever I go, though he is almost always hidden away out of sight, but close enough should I need him. I sometimes retreat to a private space to hug him and reassure myself before carrying on with my day. I rarely wear diapers in public and I lead a completely ďaverageĒ adult life Ė and that is the way I want it to be. I donít want to be defined by my infantilism Ė but at the same time, because of its nature it has had a big impact on defining me. Iíve given myself a hard time over my regression at points which Iíve been actively practicing since around 4 - 5 years old. I sleep every night with my bears, in a disposable diaper (Bambino, Depends or Tena!) and onesie with a pacifier. Iím happy, cared for and loved. I still take enormous amounts of pleasure out of simple things like the elastic waist band on my diaper hugging me as I breathe. When I wake Iím refreshed and ready to take on the world with my adult persona.

    I am a 29 year old male originally from Manchester in the UK living in Vancouver, BC in a committed relationship Ė but one that allows for safe exploration in the scene. I enjoy trance and electronic music and the clubbing scene (and everything that entails). I actively seek underground raves and attend dance music festivals in Canada and Europe. I own and run an IT business and love to support community projects that capture my imagination Ė get in touch. We have a golden retriever and enjoy outdoor activities including biking, skiing, hiking and camping. I am an Aquarius and an INFP. I enjoy exploring spirituality, philosophy and discussions on life, its meaning and more...

    I am very much in love with my Mommy, Mistress, Lover and Soulmate Heather (babeandbaby on Our lives have utterly transformed since the start of 2010 Ė weíre getting married in April, and our open relationship enables us to explore and enjoy the ABDL and BDSM scenes. We have attended very few events and are both quite nervous about dipping our toes in the water due to a lack of self-confidence. We are looking and interested in meeting like-minded, sensitive people (Doms, subs, ABs, playmates) whether single or a couple of any orientation who are looking to connect, chat, attend events, meetup or even play! We can host, and although we donít have lots of toys (yet!) we can provide a safe environment and guarantee discretion and privacy in all circumstances. Please feel free to get in touch!

    Hugs, J

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    Wow, that's one hell of a Intro post!
    Welcome to the forums! Other then AB stuff, is there anything else you care to tell us?

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    Very nice introductions.

    You have very good thoughts. Agree with you 100%. You have to love yourself as you are. Good motto.

    welcome to ADISC.

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