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    So today I was talking to a friend of mine and in conversation I told him I was having problems peeing again... like i go from filling up and spontaneously letting go since I didn't feel it and filling up and not being able to go at all. He was telling me that I might be able to get my sphincters stinted open. I'm in diapers all the time any way since I dont know when im going to pee or leak but i know when urine backs up into the kidneys it can cause damage (i feel pressure and pain in my back when it happens) this might be a better option. The only thing is is that I dont even know if its a legitimate procedure or if any urologist would even do it. I no longer have one... and haven't for a while. The one I had was very put off by my wearing diapers to manage my issues and refusal to use drug therapy.

    Just not sure what course i should take here.

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    Look into it more, you know, more professional info. and etc

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    I would find a doctor who is willing to prescribe some meds to check you out!!! There are plenty of good meds that could fix the problem, so you urinate normaly and dont need diapers. There is also the possibility that you could just need a simple solution or something to fix the problem.
    They do use stents, as a very last resort, for a very specific problem, only if nothing else has worked. Very rare though does a stent leave you incontinent. 99% of the time that only happens in peoples fantasys

    I would take it very serious though and not put this off! Find the new doctor who will take you serious and go asap. The reason why this is really important, is because the inability to urinate (with pressure feeling and pain) is very serious condition and can lead to damage to other systems. Not only does it build up pressure in the bladder, but it also backs up and can cause a ton of pressure on your kidneys. That can cause serious kidney infections, and over time this can lead to kidney failure!

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    I can't speak for the medical side, though my guess would be the emergency solution there would be catheterizing you which would have some dilating effect as well.

    It is done in the BDSM community, where it's called urethral sounding. But it's not the kind of thing somebody's going to do to help you out in this scenario; you have a medical problem and you should see a doctor.

    It sounds like the your bladder issues haven't been life long? If so, I'm of the opinion you really need to at least get diagnosed and find out why your bladder control problems happen (both incontinence and inability to urinate), at least to make sure there's not some bigger problem that they're a symptom of.

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    Man do I feel sorry for you Maccraker18. After my back surgery, I couldn't pee. A female nurse (somewhat embarrassing) taught me how to catheterize myself. This went on for about a month until things started working again.

    Yes, I would see a doctor about this. Surely there are things that can be done. Medication would be the best, rather than stints or catheterization.

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