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Thread: New, Curious, & A Bit Shy

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    Default New, Curious, & A Bit Shy

    Even just a few weeks ago, I never thought I'd be showing up on a forum like this. I have many different kinks, but I never was really into much related to AB/DL. However, I've always loved the idea of babyfur and been quite interested in relationships/roleplay with both strong power dynamics and nurturing elements. So when one of my best friends told me about this interest of his, I figured I might as well look into it more!

    Outside the wonderful world of sexuality I enjoy cooking, writing erotica, and reading. The subjects of psychology, philosophy, and business particularly appeal to me. I'm generally bubbly, though somewhat shy in new places or with new people!

    I look forward to talking to many of you and learning more about the community.

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    Welcome, don't worry about being shy, its easy to warm up to people here .

    Being you like the subjects of psychology and business, do you like marketing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    Being you like the subjects of psychology and business, do you like marketing?
    Indeed I do! It's really a perfect combination of the two in many ways.

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    For sure, nothing like using psychology to sell people stuff they don't need

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    Welcome! I'm new here as well. I'm sure we'll make many friends here ^,^

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    Vyxie: Nice to meet you! I'm particularly delighted to find other people interested in being babyfurs.

    Coyote_Howl: Precisely! Marketing is almost like getting paid for manipulation... maybe slightly evil, but fun! As far as my fursona, I'm honestly still working on it, though I've started discovering I tend to identify as a "moo-moo" (calf/cow). I know "moo-moo" sounds a bit silly, but it's a slightly cartoonish persona, and the focus is more on being adorable and generally animal-like than specifically a cow, if that makes sense.

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    Welcome to ADISC VersatileandFluffy.

    Keep up with well thought out posts like these and I can see you becoming a VIP in the near future. It's refreshing to see a new person come in with more than 3 words to say that AREN'T related to TB/DL/BF fandom, and ACTUALLY introduce themselves. On here we have plenty of people that like to role play. You said you like to cook, what kind of foods do you like to prepare? My favourite kind of dish is pasta. I LOVE pasta. And speaking of cows as a persona, we have a few other people here that role play as cows as well. Take a look at our creator of ADISC, he is a space cow and his name is Moo.

    You said you had a bubbly personalty in your first post, and by reading what you have wrote so far, it shows. I like that in a person, it can make even the most awkward chats bearable. Having a bubbly personalty will take you far on the path of Marketing, people warm up faster to you and will generally listen to the product you are selling and buy it. (Like me, lol)

    So again, welcome to ADISC. I hope you enjoy our little community and I hope to see you around here, maybe even on the IRC chat.

    Take care and have fun.


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    agree on marketing, plan to try to get my degree in it (despite my horrid outlook on it xD). Ahh cool fursona, somewhat unique too

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    Quote Originally Posted by VersatileandFluffy View Post
    Vyxie: Nice to meet you! I'm particularly delighted to find other people interested in being babyfurs.
    Hehe nice to meet you as well! If you want to chat sometime, you know where to find me! ^^

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