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    For all you Commonwealth folks out there (and you know who you are), I recently saw the movie "Young Victoria" and don't understand all of the assassination attempts on Queen Victoria's life (and there were several during her reign). Since the British Monarchy had no real power then (and even less now), why would anyone want to assassinate the Queen/King? Wouldn't they go for the Prime Minister?

    Also, on a related question. We Yanks tend to love the Queen, from across the pond (Atlantic). What is your opinion of her and the Monarchy in general?

    Just curious,

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    well despite having no everyday power, the king or queen has ultimately the FINAL say on thins if she so wishes,

    its also a tremendous morale hit.

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    I don't mind the queen; seems like a nice enough woman. Not a fan of having a monarchy or a governor-general, but what can you do?

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    She may not exercise it, but she really does have phenomenal power - she could technically rule over any country of the commonwealth. And why would anyone want to kill her? Symbolic, purely symbolic. It would have a huge effect across the world, and as silent deadly alchemist says it would be a huge morale hit.

    Personally, I don't mind having a queen, or a monarchy, as long as we have a monarch that knows to keep their mouths shut tight, especially in the political field (unlike Prince bloody Charles, who would be a god awful King). I think the British Government makes a small profit on her, so why not?

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    # I don't know too much about history (okay, I'll stop singing), but the general opinion of the present Queen & family is that they are relics of a bygone age and only useful as a tourist attraction!

    There is a *very* small minority of middle-class who still look up to the Queen as if she represents all things noble and proper, but it's a kind of nostalgic rose-tinted view of a time when "people knew their place and respected their elders". And I think some people are just fascinated by the opulence and former power of the monarchy.

    But most people in the UK couldn't really care less. There are very few "news" articles written about the monarchy these days, even in the royalist Daily Express or Daily Mail newspapers.

    The only assassination attempts on the Queen these days are likely to be from absolute nutters or people who just think it would give them publicity. The Queen is just a figure-head without any real power; politicians make the decisions now.

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