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Thread: Compoopers aka computers

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    How important was your first computer to you? I got mine when I was 3. Windows 95 all the way! I used to play educational games. I plan on making a play room dedicated to the 90's. I am trying to set myself up with an old Win 98 machine but I have not had any success. I can run windows 2000 on my current pc. Since it is NT not dos, I cannot get all my games to play. Overall my pc was important in my childhhood. Anybody else feel this way?

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    The first computer my parents bought for the family was a Apple Macintosh, circa 1994. We had AOL dailup soon after and just thought we we're the stuff. I remember playing a game called "thinkin things version2". I loved it!

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    My first computer was a commador vic 20. you could play some games that came in a cartrigde. for storage you used a tape drive, yes a cassette tape, if you programmed anything.

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    My first was a compaqs machine running windows 98 or 97 I still have it in my attic. I had launchpad or something, a fighter sim of ww2 and paint.

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    My parents got a computer with internet when I was 12 I think.
    Anyway it didn't take long for me to fall in love with it, I only used it to find cheat codes and pictures to print to put on my door at the time.

    When I was 14 I got hooked on the shock sites which desensitized me greatly. Then at 15 I was looking at porn.
    I started joining forums and started talking to other people online when I was 17.
    I've made some really great internet buddies and some enemies. I'm now 20 I have my own laptop and I'm always online when I'm not out with friends

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    My first computer was an Apple 2e. I played Wizardry on it and took the game all the way to the end. It was a lot of fun. I got a Mac after that and then an IBM PC. By that time I was on the net, AOL dial up. Welcome to the wild world of porn. Sadly, I ran into my wizard from Wizardry. He had gotten old, was strung out on heroin and was HIV positive from his porn encounters. He could hardly walk, and was no longer able to cast Wahilo. So sad...haha.

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    We had an old something running 95. It's around here somewhere. Uhh, we also got a 98 when we were frustrated with the 95. I got an xp with my mother a few years after that, and my father also converted not too long ago. Currently my desktop has windows 7 on it.

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    Ahh the 90s...good times...good first comp was an ibm with windows 95 I remember when I was in kindagarten I had a friend who had a nursery with windows 95 on it. I am not sure what kind of computer it was though

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    Think it was a 95, though they had older ones. Don't remember much but don't remember it being a massive big deal to me at the time. Loved playing Theme Park though

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    Funny how a topic that's clearly about computers is not in the computer&games section. Please look carefully where you put topics the next time - saves mods a lot of work!

    My first computer was a COmmodore PC1. Dunno how "important" it was, as I was like 8 at that time and PCs weren't exactly commonplace. If kids had a computer, it was an Amiga to play games on, but not much of that you could do with a proper PC, so I did some programming and or play Pacman

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