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Thread: Civilization IV: The Complete Edition for $10

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    I'm very tempted

    would anyone here want to do epic historical-but-not-necessarily-correct battle?

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    Default Hmm.

    This is tempting. I don't have a PC up and running right now, so it looks like I'm SOL insofar as playing this immediately.

    I've looked through the "What is Steam" and the "Subscriber Agreement" pages, but I'm still unclear as to WTF is offered. Let's say that I put down $10 to purchase these games--which I'd like to do. Am I able to download a CD image of the games along with a license key, and then play as I please? Or is it the case that my computer must be "tethered" to Steam servers during the game-play?

    I'm in if this would let me download/burn the CDs and give me license keys. I'll get around to playing this after I build my new PC.

    Meh. It's worth the extra money to me to have the "right" to play my purchased software with or without an Internet connection. Oh well, thanks for the notice!

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    Basically you have to be logged in to Steam to play most games on it (multiplayer or not), You don't always need an internet connection (just to download/update games and to log in).

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