Hey all, yes I do mean this.

I am looking to have a guest artist spot every few weeks on my cartoon strip My Crinklez.
I ask that the image be tasteful, but fun, cute is great too.
Topic is open for your own ideas.
I know this may start out a bit of chaos, though we can try it.
I only ask that the image you have hold your signature, and any links that you wish.
Images are posted at 750 max pixels.
On here just post links to your example styles, as we do not want to bog down the thread.

Please help, I have always been one for trying to show off talent when it is due.

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feel free to IM me as well. I just want to get some peoples work out, and show that I am not the only person that dose cartooning. Not to mention that there are those that would put my strip to shame .