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    Hello Adisc

    I'm Mr E's girlfriend. I come from Belarus and I'm now living together with Mr E in Hanoi.

    My story is quite fun.I was never addict by nappies.I had some problems with kidneys at the summer and was thinking "its awful to travel somewhere,especially in long distance,and in some bus without toilet!"because with my illness I go to the toilet very often.

    so I met my boyfriend 7 months ago,sometimes I was talking to him about my desease and asking if it does exist-pampers for adults.he was just smiling..
    and on his birthday he told me his secret about nappies.Actually I wasn't very surprised,I mostly was excited to see "the big pampers" .and he told me too that sometimes he is wearing them to have fun.

    I don't know,I dont see anything nasty in this,it's just a little fetish,all the people have some strange things.Anyway,it's not so bad like to go in the street to rob or kill someone.It's just a innocuous occupation.

    But first I was thinking that he just wears the nappie and after takes it out to go to the toilet.Once I new that he is peeing in nappie and was quite surprised,but I love my boufriend and can understand all.

    Therewith now he can help me when my desease comes back.He gives me some nappie and I feel safe myself.Maybe its good that we met each other because he understands my problems and I understand his liking for nappies.So we have a little secret now)

    My character is quite easy,so I always search some good reasons and nice points in all.
    If the person needs it--let him do it if it does'n bother the other people).And I'm quite happy now,pamper's doesn't change anything in our relationships..

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    Hello my dear sweet little panda. It seems nobody else wants to say hello to you.

    I will say hello even though you are lying next to me. Please can someone else say hello and chat to my dear girlfriend who is so understanding of everything about me and has become the most important part of my life.

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