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Thread: Musical Suicide: A My World 2.0 Review by tk7432

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    As many of you know by now, I am a HUGE Hip Hop/Rap fan and probably in the deep minority of members here that has written verses here on ADISC Calling All Rappers=Freestyling. I venture a lot into R&B music and have a passionate love for Mariah Carey. I also have enemies in music; the two prominent ones being 50 Cent and Justin Bieber. I have analyzed 50 Cent's discography at least a dozen times and can find faults and many reasons to hate him. But to follow my personal philosophy and also aid fellow ADISC members in showing why we all hate this album, I braced myself and created a review for his 2010 debut LP (first album was an EP) My World 2.0.


    Cover Art

    The first time I ever saw this album cover I seriously thought this was the gayest cover I had ever seen. I just think the style that he is portraying in this picture along with the blend of black and purple just speak flaming. To me, this is one of the worst cover arts along with World Class Wreckin' Cru's World Class in which we see hip hop producer and rapper Dr. Dre in a white jumpsuit and mascara.


    Baby: I am pretty sure that this is one of the most annoying and most played songs by now and possibly one of the corniest songs in the whole world. As the lead single, it's intention is to feature a flow that makes the song addicting and well renowed: and somehow this song actually does that. Personally, I feel that this in 20 years will be the song that will show up when you rickroll someone. At first sight it seems like a corny song, but it has an attaining beat that seems promising and a flow by Bieber that can attain to his success. Before I even continue on the Ludacris rap I personally do feel a disdain for Ludacris because as a hip hop person I feel that his lyrics are all metaphorical but obsessively annoying. The rap itself is pretty weak in my standards but keep in mind that the intended audience is children, not Wu Tang Killa Bees. Overall, this is a decent lead single, but not one that will blow away anyone to an extent.

    Somebody to Love: This is a future single and features production by The Stereotypes (which also produce the next song). In the production, the beat is actually pretty good and to me this song stands out as a stronghold second song. Bieber's voice gets a little ounce deeper and provides a good consistency along with the production. Overall, this to me is the strongest song in the album and provides a small insight that makes him halfway decent. In addition, the end of the song provided insight to be noticed as Bieber ends the song with one of the signature endings that reminds me only of his mentor, Usher. I spotted that out just like Usher's 2007 hit Love in this Club.

    Stuck in the Moment: The Stereotypes also produce this song and it provides not a convincing but a decent beat throughout the song. However, the lyrical voice on Bieber's behalf deters me otherwise as the pitch reminds me so much of Mariah Carey at the moment. Personally I have a decent feel on this song, but not a gem as this provides insight to the middle of the album, in which the lyrical, productional, and overall quality goes down the drain.

    U Smile: When I first heard the beat, it reminded me of Lady Gaga's Speechless as it had that feel, only with Lady Gaga it had the sadistic feeling that was supposed to go along with it as she discusses about her need for her father to get open heart surgery. Once the song started, I had the feeling that this was only getting a little worse. One of the major faults in the song is the chorus, which features "U Smile, I Smile". I was disappointed in the quality of this as it only had me convinced that the overall lyrics were not consistent with the beat and the feeling of the song.

    Runaway Love: This is one of the two songs along with the next one that I could not listen completely due to frustration of how bad the song was. This song by the title reminded me only of Ludacris' single of the same name. Overall the flow and beat just convinces me that this is a middle song of the album: the section that needs to be concentrated with consistency or face making an incomplete album; which this has resulted into.

    Never Let You Go: This is why I am so pissed off about the singles that are made here in this album because it makes me the listener a feel that they are just for the money and not for any other purpose. The beat promises some minute consistency and attempts to rebound the album, but the song is still not a standout like the first two songs.

    Overboard: A rebound is made at this point of the album and the beat of the song seems promising and a little common for today's R&B. The only fault of this song is the confusion between Bieber and his featured guest Jessica Jarell's voices in the song due to almost similar comparison. That alone scared me but the flow is consistent and the song is better compared to the middle.

    Eenie Meenie: Oh Sean Kingston. He alone is a decent rapper that only appeals to pop and children with his addicting Jamaican Accent. The beat provided in this song is a pop themed song, but does have a good flow that makes this song somewhat appealing. The only issue with this song is at the end of the second verse in which Bieber and Kingston blend on the chorus and we see Bieber with a Jamaican accent; which to me is an immediate turn-off.

    Up: As a ballad, I appreciate the smooth and appreciate song by Bieber. The song has a convincing beginning and has the blend of a typical Mariah Carey song about love. This to me is the stronghold of the end of the album that tells me that at least the end has consistency.

    That Should Be Me: This song role as the final song in the album should serve as the ending mark that defines a good album. However I am not convinced as I get the Justin Bieber Mariah moan that got me off on this song. I am convinced that this song has a deep feel, but the lyrical content doesn't sell me for the end of the album, as it sends it into an upbeat ending. The guitar blends into the album do allow it some consistency, but not too much.


    Before tangents come and go with "he is too young to be singing about love" and "he sings like a girl" there is some reasonable explanation into this. For starters, keep in mind that the genre of appeal is teen pop/R&B. The lyrics can't be too complicated to understand like lyrics in a Raekwon album. Along with the lyrics, I can understand that he should be singing about reasonable things about teens, however talking about love at age 16 is still too young to encompass the true complexes that come along with it. Plus you can never convince with women in your music videos that are older and taller than you.


    I give this album a 7/10 because it does have some promise in a career that can come with many possibilities. I will NEVER compare him to a Michael Jackson or a Prince because they are musical legends that are just untouchable. As a teen album it should be ranked higher but as an R&B debut it is remedial at best but can show that any sophomore attempt can be done with success and critical acclaim. I myself have slight disdain in the persona of Justin Bieber but do have an increasing tolerance in him and would admit that if in the possibility of myself having a future in music I would not mind him as a collaborative effort, but for now, let's still kind of hate this album but understand the inner meaning that this album provides.

    Before you guys take this and flame the shit out of this review understand that this was an effort to understand the enemy and provide insight into what I believe is a remedial but convincing first effort. His shit isn't as bad as we can all make it to be, but I would greatly appreciate feedback for the review and how this was run on my behalf. In addition, personal comments on this album are good as long as they are appropriate and displayed in a mature manner. So, let me just add this disclaimer:

    WARNING: Listening to this album can cause severe headaches, diarrhea, stomache pains, severe injury and death; please consult a doctor before partaking in the listening of this album. Staring at the album cover for long periods of time may cause temporary or permanent blindness. Proceed with caution.

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    I...I...I'm sorry you reviewed this and listened to it please don't go off every little girl who screams his name, though then again.

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    I have gotten most of the "venom" out of my system already but I feel a little too attached with Somebody To Love. This is exactly why I rarely listen to the radio. As well as I kept hearing rumors about him coming out of the closet got me excited but if he was really he would probably be the biggest hypocrite in the world. But that would be interesting if it was EVER true and that I am calling that out especially after the whole Ricky Martin fiasco. I a pretty surprised though that I could actually write that much.

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