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Thread: My Car Hates Me

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    Angry My Car Hates Me

    Okay, here's what happened. Was sitting at a bust stop sign about 10 minutes after school today. a block away from my house and after waiting for about 5 minutes to go I find an opening, foot on the gas, not hard, like normal. What happens? Huge screeching sound. I let go of the gas and the car still isnt going more than like 2mph, I get past the stop sign and look in my rear view. City cop.


    Perfect timing, I turn right a block down and he turns his lights on and pulls me over. FIrst time I've been pulled over so I was shaking like an old man. I didnt get a ticket, thank god, but it was still a scary experience. I still dont know why in the hundreds of stop signs and lights I've been at, using the same force on the gas every time, the tires pick to squeal with the cop behind me. *sigh* Oh well, I dont think warnings show up in the paper

    If you read this, it was just to vent. Not much else to say besides I dont exactly like my car right now.

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    Aww don't feel bad. Your car probably loves you, but chooses to show its affection in very strange ways.


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    You probably just spun the tires on some dirt or cinders left over from the winter.

    The cop should have realized that and the fact that you had to wait for an opening to get out, you may have pushed the accelerator a little harder, to try in fit into traffic.

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    its not really fun getting pulled over...i get nervous all the time when they do, been pulled 3 times and only gotten one ticket that i still need to pay :P

    warnings never show up on your permanent record so you don't need to worry about it. My car definitly does strange things to show affection, but mostly because i just stomp on it....just ask FullMetal about my burnout...

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    What in the world did the cop have to warn you about? What law did you break?

    Was the pavement wet by chance? Wet pavement can make your tires screech. Also you should check to make sure your tires are properly inflated and still have good tread on them. There was a bad accident near me yesterday when someone with worn tires hydroplaned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daria7483 View Post
    What in the world did the cop have to warn you about? What law did you break?
    As far as I know it's against the law to "peel out" or screech your tires. And he said something about my judgement being impared because im a new driver.

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    I've been pulled over by a cop exactly once in my life, and only because I had parked my car in the parking lot of a mall late at night long after they had closed, when the parking lot is probably used for drug trafficking. And leaving the parking lot with my out-of-town license plate into the wrong direction (i.e. away from where my car is registered), they probably thought I bought drugs or anything. So they pulled me over, asked for license&registration and ran my name through the computer. Since they couldn't find anything in my records, there was nothing they could do and I drove off.
    However, cops don't regularly pull cars over here for minor offenses - you really have to speed like a maniac or drive like an idiot to be pulled over.


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    I have been pulled over a few times loud exhaust, driving too fast for conditions, and 2 high speed driving awards, on the same peice of highway traveling in differnt directions, a week apart.

    I lost my licence for 30 days, I just didn't tell anyone, and nobody ever noticed, I still drove to work everday, and did my normal driving, after I got the licence back then I told some people, If I told people before hand someone would have been watching for me. ( small town evybody knew everbody bussiness) but that is old news, like decades old news
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    Sorry to hear the cop pulled you over. It seems like you just were in a hurry to pull out and gave it to much gas. Once the tires start spining, all you have to do is let off the gas and apply it again and this should resume your traction.

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    I don't know your pain, but my brother does.

    There's a lot of bear bait over here, so there are cops everywhere. He gets stopped (while walking) almost every time, maybe because of his beard...

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