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Thread: Hi, again...

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    Default Hi, again...


    I've been here before (well, on the old site) although i've not been a regular user of this place for over a year, for lots of reasons, especially a rather complicated personal life and time constraints.

    I still have the time constraints, but I figured i'd try and set aside some time to catch up with what's "going on" here, as i've been 'out of the loop' for quite sometime.

    Well i'm Mark/MarkFox/Richard (at work, don't ask!) aged 23, white, male, and gay living in an urban part of Leicestershire; sorry I can't be any more specific, but I have my identity to consider and I must retain the 'plausable deniability' mechanism - which I can only do by giving out limited details.

    I'm a weird cross between a DL, TwB*, and babyfur that even I don't understand sometime - still, i've never met a person who's *completely* understood themselves so I guess that's fairly normal. :-)

    I do wear nappies and use them for their intended purpose, although the frequency of this varies incredibly - I *have* worn at work before, for example, but it's a risk and not one i'm willing to take right now. Wearing at home is also risky (to a certain extent) as I share an apartment with a work colleague, a fellow director of the new company i'm involved with.

    Again, for identity-related reasons and to avoid advertising on an inherently non-commercial site, I won't name the company, although if anyone wants any detail as to what it concerns i'd be happy to oblidge...

    As for interests, I have many - some of which conflict each other and many which I never really have time to pursue/enjoy; I like to travel, although for economic reasons i've only been outside of Europe twice (Canada and China are on my visit list, if only I had the money!); to play around with computers - the machines themselves, build networks, pretend I know what i'm doing!; to read - mainly non-fictional stuff of late, I know about lots of random crap that nobody really wants to here about; socialise - I am one of these people who *cannot* stay at home all day, it would drive me insane... and yeah, there are other things, but this post is getting long enough already... :-$

    With the risk of drivvling on even further, i'm confident that some people here will remember me (you know who you are *looks towards a certain empowered-fruit in particular*) although to most people i'm probably just "another newbie". Ah well, lol.

    Anyway, that's it, I think...

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    Well first of all very nie introduction! Except I do not remember you because I joined TBDL not until about the beginning of last December. Although I hope to see you around!

    So welcome back to the site! I hope you stick around!
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    Welcome to, MarkFox. I too had been a lurker for at least a year before joining ADISC.

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    Welcome back.

    Have fun,

    And last but not least: Don't forget to post, we don't bite (hard).

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    welcome back markfox. i remember you from way back when, but you might not remember me. you'd stopped posting as frequently by the time i joined up.

    glad you're back. post around and have fun.

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    Wow.. i'm remembered :-$

    Thanks for all the welcome back's, and yeah... avery, I do remember you.

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    Welcome back!

    And very nice introduction, detailed and everything not just, "Hi, remember me?"

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    Welcome back! You seem to have a pretty interesting life! I live in Canada, so it's a great place to visit, lol. Come hang out with the mooses in the igloos eh?

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