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    I remembered a bunch of old cartoons I used to watch as a kid, so I figured I'd link them all. I dunno if many people would remember or even know these, since i'm not sure when / if they aired in other countries.

    So, I'll post old nostalgia filled cartoons, and you all can too!

    Superted! (God! I used to think that show was the bees knees... Now looking back at it...)

    God, this *so* needs to be made into a live action movie.

    Damn, could only find the spanish opening.

    Lol, Whoopi Goldberg

    Holy crap! Why didn't we get the deleted scenes from Agro's Cartoon Connection? R-Rated outtakes from a CHILDREN'S TV SHOW???

    I always knew there was something going on under the table... since the host would always jump and squeal randomly. o_O;
    Australia. Where kids shows are filled with swear words and perverts.
    (another clip, but damn shocking quality.)
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    ok man wheres the link to the Dumbo movie? i miss Dumbo...

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    OMG I was just thinking the other day about superted, I was gonna make a topic about it and everything but I forgot!

    "It's time to say my super secret magic word spotty"

    OMG I loved that show :O

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